vagina piercing

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piercing the clitoris.

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Rachel Hogan says:

Oh my gosh. This makes me cringe! The vagina is a beautiful part,
especially the clit. Getting it pierced desensitizes it. Is an ugly ass
piercing really worth not having a fun sexual experience?

CTRSarge says:

you are here cause you are bored and have vagina on your mind, so you typed
it into the search bar

zasabiibasaz says:

she has no inner labia, gnarley 

BLB13films says:

He should of started eating her out or fingering her like how every porn
video starts 

1989rbrown says:

not with my cunt would i trust that guy

Casey Grant says:

Kinda similar to how animals get tagged, so they can be tracked. This is
how whores are tracked. 

bunkerbuster says:

there is nothing that’s going to make that vagina look pretty… that’s not
a nice vagina.

wintercat2 says:

Stupid as hell, plus he is a pure loser.

YouToobWatcher3 says:

Stupid people do stupid things.

bjorn joseph says:

remember the old days when it was an epic journey of an adventure to find
porn? kids now a days have it so easy hahaha.

Surstromming McTofu says:

Why are you doing it, you stupid cunt biscuits??? For better sex? Fuck you!
I’m scared i could rip your vagina off if somehow it gets stuck in my dick.
Or worse i could cut my dick open… I don’t want to fuck a robot!!!

macabregemini says:

Lovely vag; looks quite tight. Oh and people who have their ear lobes like
that, someone should sneak up on them with a large, opened heavy duty lock,
quickly threw it over the lobe, shut it, and throw away the key.


he or she (the user “k stinle”) was the stupid because i have seen
unbelieveble things in all my live, like vaginas full of piercings and is
difficult to have sex with women with that, so, what i did was an innocent

But anyway, there are lots of women that don’t know what is in their

Edward Phillips says:

I just typed in vagina to see what would come up, now my career is over as
a biochemical Engineer. 

Dee Blan says:

Ah yes, I am watching this video purely for educational purposes.

What a fascinating vagina piercing.

thebarrochannel says:

that vag is 2 basic

Isela Dimitri says:

Jesus Christ 

scarabmango says:

I can’t understand the mindset of any woman who does this.

“I think I’ll take the most sensitive, tender and intimate part of my

What they hell, chicks? Just…what the hell?

English Babe '91 says:

She has the most attractive vagina I have ever seen!! Her flaps don’t hang
out at all, never seen this before on a mature female :/

Evan Stengel says:

That woman…has the most perfect vagina.

julscaptured says:


Jessica Gordon says:

how is she not screaming in pain?

Jordan Modi says:

That guy was ugly as fuck. What makes him think those piercings are

BLKRD_777 says:

the perfect pussy…..

digitalbroadcaster says:

Vaginal piercing. Ewwwww! Not for pussies.

Flood Gravemind says:

I am watching pussy on Youtube.

imawsomeurnot yea says:

There is over 11 million pervs on YouTube… (can’t criticise I’m one too)

I FLY TOO says:

is that a pussy? where’s the freaking fur….

Bruce Banner says:

why would any chick ever do this? sick fucking world

KlondikeG says:

hope her Puss turns green

Rosemary Rivera says:

i don’t like this vagina. it reminds me of a little girl’s vagina…ewww

Donald Sprouls Sr. says:

The perfect peach. Why would someone want to ruin the appearance of such a
beautiful thing such as woman’s vagina ? 

Sam McCormack says:

Why would anyone want to have this done? What the hell is that working on

Lily lola says:

Is he gay ???

Yurieno jonas Jalus says:



If my work was that i had a boner all the time!
Is that possible that he could piercing her so called “G” point?

Tatianna Boozer says:

im surprised they showed all this on youtube lol 

Richie Rico says:

Walls Fall Out brought me here.

Daniel Xu says:

Just wondering how she feels everyday realizing 13 million people have seen
her pussy 

FissileSky says:

I would fuck her so hard that who ever can pull my dick out shall be kinged
Arthur the 3rd

G36Gaming says:

The views man 

MEssED89 says:

o. u. c. h.

Lauren D. says:

Be honest how many guys are here because they saw a vagina?

justclimb77 says:

From Vice videos, to Vice “Return of the Penis Implant”, to penis implant,
to this… I gotta stop. My curiosity is a curse.

Jake Fukk says:

If you are watching this for a thrill you MUST get out more. I have no idea
I have got to this page!

LordOFrogs says:

There is a such thing as this? Oh god……

Ratatouille Gusteau says:

I don’t have a pussy and I fucking felt it! why in the pussy garls!?

Voldemort says:

My coins is like that 

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