Off-duty Florida cop shoots man having sex in private swimming pool

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Getting amorous in a swimming pool is popular in Hollywood movies, and anecdotal evidence indicates it’s reasonably popular in the real world as well.

There’s just one thing pool-lovers should bear in mind…make sure your romance is happening in YOUR OWN POOL!

Not following this advice can lead to trouble…as a hot-and-bothered dude in Florida recently discovered.

On Sunday, March 30, an off-duty police officer was returning to his Boca Raton apartment complex when he heard noises coming from the premises’ private pool.

As the officer investigated, he discovered a couple who did not live in the complex engaged in sexual activity in the pool.

After identifying himself as an off-duty cop, he ordered the couple to scram and they reluctantly complied.

Shortly thereafter, however, the cop was surprised to find that the couple had returned to his pool for round two!

The cop again confronted the couple, but the unsatisfied male individual, identified as Tony Ribeiro, allegedly tried to hit the officer with a wine bottle.

The officer then fired several shots at the man, who is now in critical condition at a local hospital.

And, for the record, 9 out of 10 safety experts advise against having sex in someone else’s pool, while doctors say there are also non-gunshot related health risks associated with intimacy in chlorine-filled swimming pools.

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