New Noise by Refused / OKeefe Music Foundation

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Produced by The OKeefe Music Foundation\r
New Noise by The Refused\r
Vocals / Arabella Yacoubian\r
Chimes / Brady Miracle\r
Bass / Keating Sharp\r
Drums / Zak Griffiths\r
Guitar / Syd Smith\r
“Ive Had The Time Of My Life”\r
Keyboards / Josh Stookey\r
Lead Guitar / Eli Dykstra\r
Drums Curtis / Moss\r
Bass Madalyn / Angel\r
Guitar / Jared Schoney\r
Principal / Anthony Boldman\r
Mrs. Wallflower / Samantha Woodall\r
Mr. Wallflower / Riley Starr\r
Boy With Punch / Curtis Moss\r
Girl With Puke / Erin Coburn\r
Bully 1 / Justin Schultz\r
Bully 2 / Logan Opals\r
Mean Girl / 1 Sophia McDowell\r
Mean Girl 2 / Jordyn Garland\r
Mean Girl 3 / Maddie Rose Hayden\r
Special Thanks To\r
Cincinnati Waldorf School\r
Stephen White\r
Javier Cuadrado\r
Warm Audio \r
And all our volunteers!\r
Directors / Aaron & Diane OKeefe\r
Film Editor & Errand Girl / Diane OKeefe\r
Director of Photography / Michael Potter \r
Executive Producer / Katy Woodall\r
School Administrator / Jessica Prussia\r
Cameraman Extraordinaire / Shawn Steele\r
Mixing Engineer / Jeffro Lackscheide \r
Mastering Engineer / Steve Nagasaki \r
Tracking Engineer / Morgan Asher\r
Sound Designer / Matt Oglesby \r
Colorist / Michael Potter\r
DJ / Geoff Adams \r
Photographer / Randy Lefebvre \r
Photographer / April Sova \r
Roadie Overlord / Josh Cole\r
Roadie / Kevin Sharp\r
Roadie / Patti Sharp\r
Roadie / Bellinda Yacoubian\r
Roadie / Pete Griffiths\r
Roadie / Ryan Vail\r
Starcrafter / Jessica Smith\r
Sparkle Application Specialist / Alex Smith\r
Glue Supervisor / Caroline Perry\r
Glitter Application Specialist And All Around Cool Chick / Syd Smith\r
Balloon Drop Engineer / Jason Smith\r
Location Sound Engineer / Michael Pringle\r
Cameraman / Chris Hagan \r
Lighting & Set Designer / Liz Kent\r
Free Labor / Juliet Kent\r
More Free Labor / Lauren Kent\r
And Even More Free Labor / Liam Kent\r
Facility Manager / Stephen Mergner\r
Balloon Craftsman / Kristin Moore\r
Balloon Craftsman / Jason Moore\r
Bouncer / Bruce Coburn\r
Bradys Bodyguard / Craig Miracle\r
Bradys Publicist / Jen Miracle\r
Photographer Assistant / Michaela Sova


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