Poetic Lilly Emery – Midnight Skies

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Midnight Skies

The sun enveloped in a black shroud
The dead of night hardly makes a sound
Hopeless with silent cry’s of the midnight sky

The reproach of lost souls
Dark and misty the clouds just an outline
Of the glare of your eyes tonight

Vague twinkling stars in the dusty moonshine
An eager bright star showing its position
Or else be lost in the misty cauldron

Passionless grief of despair with no one who cares
Lost in the wind One knows to never cross
The roads at night on foot

The hooting of the night owls crying out
To the lighted moon distant frogs croak in shining
black pools a lonely dog howls

A thud a bump a scrape on glass to get away
From what is hunting with anguish grief for you and I
Is that foot steps I hear on the stone path

Those creaking roof timbers
Sure gives one the shivers cold winds silent stars
Of the midnight skies a time for quiet reflection deep
thought and introspection

The conscience magnified something hurtful said
Rash actions and regret a sad love song that taken
the heart deeper in with more

Pain with glaring eyes like you want to die
Sleep comes after midnight with so much on your mind
Respite for the weary intellect

Until the great yellow hope rises in the sky
Spreading its cheerful warm ray heralding a promising
new day hopeless and grief moved on with the midnight
skies a Lovers songs of a nasty goodbye’s

Passionless incredulous despair half taught anguish
Midnight air another day and another night moved on why
your heart still hangs on to what was and not to what is.

Lilly Emery

Poetic Lilly Emery



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