Make a Cheap DIY Fleshlight Tenga Masturbator

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NSFW 18+ This is what you need to build the DIY Fleshlight: One cup starch (potato flour…


TheCrampz says:

Tried this, the thing fell apart, it can handle stress and rips(or I’m just
that big haha). And when you’re inside and pull out its like a thick pasty
glue is on your dick and everything smells like corn while you’re getting
it off… 

TheBlackDeityAkantor says:

can i use cornflour?

fun3yman1 says:

Wtf, I look up cornstarch and water and I get this as my first result.

LMA UK says:

The theory was good but practically, alas I couldn’t find a big enough

CoverVersionsFan says:

Yeah, who the hell wants a vaporizer??

joshua gunn says:


backspacesquare says:

u need to put the stick in while its in the fridge, so you probably dont
want to do that

lilwarthog says:

Hell ill take a vapo! I heard they save ur weed and give you the best
cleanest high

strocat25 says:

@vaporsofgold fuck a girl till you just about cum then get up put your
pants on and go home.. youll go home thinking.. why didnt i blow a load on
her face… jerking off and not cumming is like fucking a bag of dog shit.

Rob Oto says:


CleverDjembe says:

Doesn’t work too well. Very messy.

blacksupra001 says:

yeah but…how many uses do you get out of it ? how durable is it ?

SilverHaze53 says:

You’ll blow it up !!!

strocat25 says:

my friend calls me at midnight “hey man wanna come over and play some 360?”
……. me: “Ahhh sry man I cant I getting ready to fuck a glob of

Rob Mahaffy says:

why is everyone so damn cheap?? just go buy a damn tanga rather than
raiding the fridge every time! maybe just buy a melon and bang that lol

gorelover9000 says:

let me just poke it a bit with my 20cm dick

chebrneck says:

nice pseudo 70s porn music

iiChromEo says:

i didnt use enough corn starch and at the end fucked a pancake mix

TruColorsShiningThru says:

Can you make a dildo with these same ingredients in the same way?

tamiktamik says:

92 Girls Disliked

crazyboozyboy says:

O, no! This is disgustingly! I always use only this:
/watch?v=tsOIN85wpPE&feature=plcp It’s a really gorgeous handmade toy!

L45V3G45 says:

that video has been removed. got another link or title name?

secretorganisation says:

the starch will stick to ur penis like a glue

Tahmeed Ash says:

WTF!!!??? XD

Monosyllabicable says:

yes im here looking at this

BuckMarley says:

how the fuck did i end up at this part of youtube?

TheWartHawg says:

Funniest comment I’ve seen in a long time.

jpaull1313 says:

Holy shit. 60,000 creepy views.

fuzzymuzzy999 says:

how did i get to this?

SneiderMcCluck says:

Or you just save 70$ and buy a real fleshlight.

rogertopful says:

they can flip it around and use it as a dildo

NimastaT says:

lol wtf

Michael Mantion says:

He said he used potato starch.. pay attention.

Shemp Shump says:

Yee haw.

daniel oh says:

Today is Sunday and I went to local grocery market. Here is what I bought:
-Tilamook Cheddar Cheese and Sourdough Bread to make grilled cheese -Orange
Juice -2% Milk -……..And Corn starch to try this shit out XD

WatchdogDisciple says:

Ok so what are you going to do when you hit a string of shitty luck like we
ALL know every one of us guys do?

TheSupernegern says:

soooo…..anyone tried this?

Cookie says:

Does corn starch work?????

colton unden says:

You made my day I’m lol-ing so much!!!! 😀

Bailey Myers says:

Can you use corn starch?

froggy227ful says:

At the end of it i was like Wtf?

thisaznzoo says:

…… I leaked precum to whole night…

strocat25 says:

ok so you go fuck some potato starch .. ill be busy pluggin pussy’s with
good ole fashioned cock

oyebebe69 says:

that what iam talking about

WakeUpInDaMorning1 says:

Yup. I’m on a low dose of 2C-I and it feels like strong, clean energy. It’s
like speed, but without the high or the side effects. Only the potent
energy. I don’t even feel sleepy! It gives me energy. I have to wait until
it wears off. It acts like a stimulant.

jhun419 says:

XD what did i watch

Ian Woodbury says:

is it suposed to be liquid when you take it out and then you wait?? or

це̏дар says:

I bet it does Lance!

thisaznzoo says:

I tried it, and WWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! Best wank I’ve ever had!!!!.
!!!!!!!!! *when ready, I cased it with a condom so it would have more
durability. Microwavable cups work too. I LOVED it. Making another one
tomorrow 😉 thanks for posting.

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