Masturbation Jokes: Joey Medina Tells Jokes About Masturbation! – Stand Up Comedy

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So, this bit may be more understandable for men. The reason I say that is due to the graphic nature of a masturbation joke. The masturbation joke is told by a guy, which usually means that the masturbation jokes are going to be either of experience, or of how much nicer women masturbate. In this bit, it is the former, as Joey Medina’s masturbation jokes are from life experiences, added with a bit of hyperbole. Since there is hyperbole in this bit, I’d like to call it joke masturbation, there was even a portion where he demonstrates what joke masturbation is…he doesn’t really show us, he just demonstrates it, so there’s no need to get touchy. This is definitely a tough subject, but masturbation is natural…I think. And I love jokes about nature, so I guess I like jokes masturbation like as well. I really can’t actually commit to whether or not jokes masturbation I like…or in other words, jokes about masturbation. I laughed at the bit, so Joey Medina definitely told jokes about masturbation well, however, if someone like my dad told me a joke about masturbation, I may have a different reaction. For more hilarious stand up comedy, please subscribe to StandUpBits! And increase your daily funny.


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