A Message From Master Bator

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AAAs take heed.

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I’m Sniggering Catch me if you can LOL

DibbersPage says:

Dick Stroker approves of this message.

Edmonton Road Rats... Dash Cam Justice says:

Snicker snicker snicker…lol…(⌐■_■)✌…Hoorah

Raggy Ragsdale says:

JB songs? Jeeeeeze man…… that’s Cold…… even for an Alien………..


going to new Zealand is a punishment ?

how ? all the bloody kiwi’s are over here, new Zealand is a good place to
go to get away from the fush and chup eating bastards :)…

as for jistun boober (new Zealand pronounciation) him and the sheep will
get along just fine :)

kd006 says:

Well at least Justin Bieber is incapable of any serious probing as I heard
his prober is the size of a Munchkins pinky. 

Griphen84 says:

Snickers is pretty nice. Sometimes I bring one while I’m out
playing Disc Golf. ^^

MrQuintonia says:

If New Zealand is good enough for Gandalf it’s ok by me, but you can
keep Justin Bieber. 

yllekr123 says:

That is a very Cruel and an unusual punishment! I just ate a Snicker, for

bearchay889 says:

Not the beaver I mean the beiber.

liverpoolboxingbaby says:

Aliens can be very cruel! 😉 X 

blackturtleshow says:

I can understand how being forced to listen to the Beaver Boy would be
unpleasant, but what’s wrong with New Zealand?

ImTheDaveman says:

Oh maaan! Not Justin Beaver!!! (he’s such a twat) Anything but that!!!!

hysonly says:

Got it Master Bator, i think ;)

TheNakedWombat says:

That’s just not right. I’m going to refer this to my friend, Biggus Dickus.

bugsme10 says:

oh HELL NO ! lol

Ralph K'sAdventure Days says:

you have gone too far, Justin beiber I can deal with but….

BugSplat says:

LMFAO! WTF was that?? xD 

eggnogonthebog says:

I’m scared!

paperweightgirl says:

lol. I happen to like Justin Bieber. ;0)

Sherlock3L says:

– I will for sure not snicker !!!!!!!

Bawden Vlogs says:

*Snicker, snicker*

Daily Rambles says:


Atheist Psyconaut says:

Not the Beebs!

Coin Keeper says:

Ok…one way ticket to New Zealand please! Lol…cute!

Caras Life on the Farm says:

I’m not snickering, though I’d like to eat a Snickers bar…

mumsthewitch says:

And all the fush and chups you cun eet

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