Critical Ops Top 10 Concept Skins

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1. Rooghz- \r
2. MLG Talktohand- \r
3. Nini And Rooghz- \r
4. SxC Joker- \r
5. Nini- \r
6. Masterbates- \r
7. Distant- \r
8. RoyalSkyline- \r
9. MLG Talktohand- \r
10. RoyalSkyline- \r
Twitter: \r
Mobcrush: \r
Clan: Nova\r
Device: Acer Predatoe 8\r
Music: NCS-Adventure\r
Recording software: display recorder on cydia(jailbreak required)\r
Thumbnails: Ps Touch,Phonto,\r
Editor: iMovie \r
Game: Bullet Force\r
iOS: Closed beta/soft launch \r
PC: already out\r
Android: Beta Full


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