Jenna Jameson PLASTERED In Awkward Interview

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Former adult film star and reconstructed novelist Jenna Jameson appeared disoriented during an interview on Fox’s Good Day New York Monday morning, hours aft…


Jeff Ramey says:

This is what happens when you take science out of Sunday School and

Insidious Faithslayer says:

I will never understand why one of the hottest women on the planet decided
to hit herself in the face with a can of what the fuck.

goldsilverandiamonds says:

Typical Democrat voter. She definitely voted for Obama.

Josh Schmude says:

It’s pretty sad that Americans will buy trash from a woman who can’t even
talk she’s so drunk. Sorry I spend my money on non fiction books that I can
actually learn something from not dumb shit written by a bimbo who probably
can’t read and write beyond a 5th grade level. 

CloakAnd Dagger says:

Old disgusting whore! Look at what America glamourizes.

Bruce Wayne says:

FOX: “So how did you get into the adult film business, Jenna?”

JENNA: “Well, a guy whipped out some cocaine and his cock, and I found out
that I like cock even more with lots of cocaine, and then the man told me
that the porn industry has miles of cock and lots more cocaine.”

USNA2008 says:

All films are ADULT films…I haven’t seen any toddler produced movies yet.

moses howard says:

I think Jenna is most charming when she is totally fucked up on drugs.

blackwarb says:

Jesus, what a fucking sicko place the US entertainment industry must be, if
they allow airtime to interview a whore, who probably does every sexual
perversion under the sun with 100’s of men for the world to see, & treat
her like she is something special?? wtf is wrong with you people!

cchgn says:

NOPE, that s not alcohol. She’s not disoriented, She listens and responds
just fine,. her eyes are clear. She focuses. I’d guess Oxy.

Genocide Tony says:

Is it weird that I masterbate to young girls?

Roy Hemion says:

shes taking VALIUM or Xanax…..or something along those lines!!!

Jamaal Williams says:

Jenna Jameson should give her life to the Lord and God Jesus Christ and
have those demons in her casted out of her by the power and authority of
the Lord.

Clevan Campbell says:

What’s wrong with her?

Ewok N' Roll says:

The sad thing is this show is on at 9 am…and she’s hammered.

Andy Payne says:

haha dude why are you so easy to hate for me? lol you just look and sound
like a pseudointellectual 12 yr old. You WOULD have a problem dating a porn
star cause you act and look like to a total pubescent twerp. Definitely not
proud to have someone like you representing secularism but maybe this is
where its come to…meh :/ keep truckin along buddy

Tony Martalk says:

Jesus Christ, she looks like she’s been fucked by 10,000 dudes…..well, no
surprises here.

Valhalla14 says:

She looks like a damn mutant now and sounds like a meth head.

chris cox says:

sorry to burst everybody’s bubble concerning this once beautiful lady and
former porn star. jenna jameson aka mazzolli only got into porn initially
to rebel against her nevada police officer father and is a 1990’s copy-cat
of tracy lords. her horror film from a few years ago titled zombie
strippers was a cleverly merged clone of robert snitzers 1987
film kandyland and George a. Romero’s night of the living dead with robert
“freddy kreuger” englund to sell it. robert englund pulled his own
christopher plummer stunt to be in it.

Gamer831crossfire says:

This only happens when they realize they’re becoming irrelevant and their
time for being a whore is coming to an end. She knows she’s not one of the
hottest porn stars out there anymore.

Commentdeleted says:

This is why you don’t get plastic surgery.

David Oh says:

Hey shithead, try to be entertaining. You are unwatchable. Watched long
enough to post this. 14 seconds.

Andy Ward says:

What happened to her face and why would she go on national tv so fucked up?

boipinoi604 says:

Hey, look no one is calling her out on her skin colour. Had this woman been
black, she would have been called all sorts of name. How do I know? Because
I do it myself.

Whats Next says:

“Her ex Tito” ???That Tito Jackson he’s a wild man

lina Nicolia says:

Well…the porn industry defines their sexual performances as work. So…if
she said, she was monogamous, she was evidently not counting the sex on
cameras for money, as relationships….which is true; by their definition.
When johns have sex with hookers….they still claim to be faithful to
their wives….See the similarity ? it is about semantics and view points.
Sex for money does not count….that’s my take on that.

MPSecare says:

does she have MS now?

Will Langley says:

Whores.. any girl and yes I say girl anyone who puts there body out for
everyone to see and sleeps with whoever is just a girl not a woman not a
lady they are someone who doesn’t deserve respect in fact they need to be
treated as scum. Same goes for anyone who does this mess

bigbapester says:

think of a word. this is so easy i think my answer might offend and even
draw somebody offsides. How about ‘FORNICATION’. Did you know that the
word FORNICATION, is translated from the greek word ‘porneia’. It is a term
used as sex outside a marriage between a man and a woman. So even if you
say I don’t believe in Christianity, if Jenna is your girlfriend and she
does porn, aka, ‘fornication films’, the sex is outside a relationship with
you. This even loosely understanding the word cheating, is still a
disrespectful thing to do to someone you are in a relationship with. Have
wisdom invite you over for a stay sometime. Can’t change definitions unless
you actually want to have a lack of clarity in your life. If so, love the
confusion you adopted, if you choose wisdom, you shall be rewarded with
clarity of truth. 

trayvon2262012 says:

Pills not alcohol.

Tomato Fettuccini says:

Wow, she looks like she’s hammered or high as balls.

Also, clearly the guy in the interview is a huge fan. He sorta gives it
away entirely.

Including his desire to be in porn.

Not8upwthit says:

Perhaps she makes a distinction between work and her private life. Appears
things aren’t going very well of course you took the high road when they’re
people out there that’d stoop to dissecting this confused woman’s life
apart, in a lame attempt to get more hits on a you tube channel

Mitchell Wiggs says:

That’s pills forsure.

AbovetheGov says:

In my opinion, this is the nastiest women on the planet. I can never see
her as a person who can be looked at seriously. Nasty, Nasty, Nasty. She
has been with thousands of men. In every way. 

theinsfrijonds says:

You know who was also drunk? The sound technician that decided to make
this mono on the left channel. Guh

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