Jessica Drake

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Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake Fleshlight

Fleshlight has ultimately done it! They’ve added Jessica Drake to their line of Fleshlight Girls. Fleshlight gave Jessica the full treatment. When they invited Jessica Drake to their studios, they cast her vagina, her butt and her lips. There are five Jessica Drake Fleshlights to choose from in all.



Your five options with Jessica Drake are as follows. If you choose Jessica’s pussy, you have three different options. Your first option is the Jessica Drake Lotus Fleshlight. The Lotus is available on all of the different Fleshlight Girls. Your other option, if you choose Jessica’s pussy, is the Jessica Drake Mini-Lotus Fleshlightis, and 3rd option, her signature Fleshlight, the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight. The Heavenly is unique to Jessica Drake and is only available with her. Your two other options are her butt or her lips. If you choose Jessica’s rear end you get the Jessica Drake Forbidden Fleshlight. If you choose Jessica’s lips you get the Jessica Drake Swallow Fleshlight. Choosing just one of the Jessica Drake Fleshlights can be hard. Luckily, Fleshlight has their Fleshlight Girls Orgy promo, where you can mix and match textures and girls, plus save yourself some money.
On this page you will find information about the five different Jessica Drake Fleshlights.

Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight





Jessica Drake Lotus Fleshlight

JESSICA DRAKE Lotus Fleshlight




Jessica Drake Forbidden Fleshlight





Jessica Drake Swallow Fleshlight





Jessica Drake Mini-Lotus Fleshlight

JESSICA DRAKE Mini-Lotus Fleshlight





Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight

What is a Fleshlight?Fleshlight Girls get to have their own signature texture that is exclusive to them. Jessica Drake’s signature texture is called Heavenly and it’s fantastic. On the exterior of the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight, you have a great duplicate of Jessica Drake’s vagina. Would you care to know what it’s like to take flight with an angel? Take pleasure in your heavenly dreams by diving into Fleshlights most exquisite and stimulating texture yet. Fleshlight Girls get to have their own signature texture that is exclusive to them. Jessica Drake’s signature texture is called Heavenly and it’s fantastic. On the exterior of the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight you have a great duplicate of Jessica Drake’s vagina. As soon as you pump into this angelic collage of delight, there will be no flipping back. With beading, ribbing and insane winding all in one stroke, you’ll be flying in no time. If you are looking for an powerful and wild ride that will generate some amazing orgasms and keep you coming back for more, then the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight is for you. This Fleshlight is intense and will seriously bless your world!

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Jessica Drake Forbidden Fleshlight

Is anal pleasure what you’re seeking? Then the Jessica Drake Forbidden Fleshlight is what you want. Cast straight off of Jessica Drake’s cute little butt, the Jessica Drake Forbidden Fleshlight is a fantastic duplicate of Jessica Drake’s butt. This Fleshlight features the Forbidden texture. The Forbidden texture was developed to mimic the distinctive sensations of anal sex. Once you drive your dick into Jessica Drake’s asshole you’ll enter a sleek, ultra snug canal. From there you will hit a tight ribbed section which will tease the head of your dick. To top it all off, the Forbidden ends with a corkscrew-like wavy segment that will stimulate you like you wouldn’t believe.Penetrate the best male sex toy Fleshlight
If you’ve ever dreamed about screwing Jessica Drake in the ass, then the Jessica Drake Forbidden Fleshlight is certainly for you. You’ll love looking down and watching your penis ease into a perfect duplicate of her asshole and you will be impressed by the sensations created by the Forbidden texture.
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What is a Fleshlight?

Jessica Drake Lotus Fleshlight

All Fleshlight Girls have their own signature texture, and each of the Fleshlight Girls also offer their Fleshlight pussy with the Lotus Texture. The Jessica Drake Lotus Fleshlight was created to be the supreme simulation of vaginal sex on the market today. The Lotus was developed to mimic the feelings of an actual woman’s pussy. On the exterior of the Jessica Drake Lotus Fleshlight, you will discover a perfect duplicate of Jessica Drake’s vagina. On the interior, once you ease your dick into Jessica Drake’s vagina, you are going to encounter a sleek, ultra snug tunel. After an inch or two, the tight canal opens up to a slightly larger canal. From there you will pass through a Lotus node and then the Lotus concludes with four joy chambers.JESSICA DRAKE Fleshlight
While no sex toy is ever going to be as great as the actual thing, the Jessica Drake Lotus Fleshlight does a respectable job of simulating genuine sexual intercourse. Let’s deal with it, none of us are ever going to get to screw Jessica Drake. With the combo of a fantastic imitation of Jessica Drake’s vagina and the highly genuine Lotus texture, this is as close as any of us simple mortals are going to get to banging Jessica Drake.
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PinkCherry Sex Toys

Jessica Drake Swallow Fleshlight

How awesome would it be to receive head from Jessica Drake? However, most of us will never find out, but with the Jessica Drake Swallow Fleshlight you can get very close. Cast straight off of Jessica Drake’s mouth, the Jessica Drake Swallow Fleshlight looks precisely like Jessica Drake. Not only does it look like the actual thing, but inside you will find the awesome Swallow texture. The Swallow is the greatest oral sex simulation in a male masturbator sex toy today. Beginning with a somewhat snug opening, you will soon pass by a row of “teeth” which then leads into the super ribbed texture. It’s not over yet though. At the ending of the Swallow you will come across the rear of throat leading into a very tight chamber.JESSICA DRAKE fl
If seeing Jessica Drake’s mouth around your dick looks great to you, then the Jessica Drake Swallow Fleshlight is for you. It looks hot seeing Jessica Drake’s pouty mouth wrapped around you and it feels incredible as the amazing Swallow texture works it’s wonder on you.

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Jessica Drake Mini-Lotus Fleshlight

Jessica Drake Fleshlight comes in a Fleshlight Girl case just like other models. It’s not a cheap sex toy in the least but it’s build to last a long period of time if you take good care of it. Jessica Drake Fleshlight comes with a special inner texture known as Mini-Lotus. Jessica Drake is very tiny so I guess it’s fitting that they customized a “smaller” Fleshlight for her. The inner sleeve of a Fleshlight is about 10 inches in length which means that only 15% of the men who masturbates with it gets to the end of the regular Lotus texture. They have made the mini version of the Lotus more compact to guys smaller then 10 inches gets to enjoy the entire thing. Even if you’re only 4-5 inches big you still get to feel all the different nodes and canals inside Jessica Drake Mini Lotus Fleshlight. The vagina orifice of the Fleshlight is an actual mold of Jessica Drake pussy. They got it down to just about every component, it’s a 100% replica of Jessica Drake. The Mini Lotus is perfectly smooth on the inside which is great for those of you that like to make love for longer periods of time. Your dick won’t get worn out even after 30 minutes of playing with this Fleshlight. It’s very hard to to elaborate how it feels when you fuck Jessica Drake’s Mini Lotus. You somewhat have to go through it yourself and even then it’s still very subjective.

There are a few things that holds true for all of the Fleshlights I have tried to date. They are VERY soft, it does not feel like latex or rubber, it genuinely feels like skin. After you’ve heated up the sleeve with warm water it feels incredible nice when you go inside of it. It doesn’t quite feel like a real vagina but it doesn’t feel like anything else I have experienced either so maybe there are women who’s inside feels the same as this. All I know is that I loved this model and I every orgasm & climax inside of Jessica Drake’s Mini-Lotus have been amazing.

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What is this thing known as a Fleshlight We’ve viewed advertized far and wide on the net? Fleshlight Girls are Masturbatory stimulation Adult novelties For Men. Actual Casts Of Your Desired Porn Star´s Sex Parts…

The Fleshlight is a designer of sex toys created for insertion and sold primarily to straight men. The Fleshlight is prepared and commercialized by Interactive Life Forms (ILF). The Fleshlight is famous for the flesh-like material utilized in its inside sleeve, as well as the plastic compartment that carries the sleeve, which is designed to appear like an life-size flashlight. The inside sleeve is obtainable with vagina, butt, and lips entrances.

The inner sleeves are offered in flesh shades and ice/crystal, as well as a limited version blue color for an Avatar-like visual appeal, and forty eight assorted internal textures(6 original, 15 girls, 10 special, 5 Sex-in-a-Can and 12 boys textures). The Fleshlight was created by Steve Shubin.

Fleshlight is a sex toy for adult men. There are 4 components: a strong plastic container designed like a flashlight, an end cover to take care of suction, a top to seal up the fleshlight when it’s not in use and the insert itself. The insert which comes in a array of colorings, orifices, and inner textures & ribbing styles. The insert can feel like those gelatinous gizmo things that stick to walls and come in vending machines.

Fleshlight is the unsurpassed selling male masturbator in the world. A incredibly suggested male’s sex toy that really looks and feels similar to a authentic vagina.

It under no conditions has a head ache You can’t get it pregnant. It’s never that time of the month. It’s forever available and in the mood. The Fleshlight doesn’t mind if you’ll respect it in the morning. It does not want to hold after you’re through. It does not care if you take home a new gal. It can’t give you crabs or the clap, and you will not have to agonize about it divorcing you.

A sex toy for men, used to imulate a snatch. A fleshlight is intended to stimulate your dick until you jizz. A fleshlight has the similar use to a guy as a Dildo has to a female.

This fake pussy sex toy for male masturbation is great competitor for chicks. This obsession feels impressive.

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