Top 5 – Pr0n stars in games

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Occasionally the worlds of porn and video games collide in a wonderful way. Get ready for the top 5 porn stars in gaming! 5. Rio – Yakuza 4 The Japanese porn…

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AFriskyHobo says:

for fucks sake its porn. not pr0n. your not 12.

Mihai5074 says:

5.Rio-Yakuza 4
4.Sasha Grey-SR The Third
3.Tera Patrick-SR 2
2.Jenna Jamesson
1.Ginger Lynn-Wing Comander 3

Drox LP says:

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Fx280 says:

In my opinion sex is not for being on camera for everyone to see. Only the
sluttiest of sluts who have no respect for there body would do such shit. 

Yehia Amr says:

0:15 rio you can take her on a date and do the japanes stuff.

Djassassin4x says:

Press 7 for FUN!:D

Laughing Waffles says:

Porn? oh man i was looking for pr0n

PenguinsAwrAwsome says:

What about moxxi from borderlands 2?

Jasmine Martin says:

Whoo! I knew Tera would get the top spot…actually, I was just rooting for
her because Saints Row. <3 

ToterIgel says:

do japanese stuff xD

Fuschi says:

Where is Kaceytron?

DANNY Carry says:

Its kind of ironic that Sasha Grey’s name in the SR3 is Viola.

KoPLeaderKiactu says:

Sasha Grey still counts as a porn star? I thought she had retired.

gateboy6 says:

I (think I) didn’t know about the Tony Hawk one, I should check it out but
I’m too lazy.

Feng Shin says:

fuck are you kidding me, rio’s #5 she has to be #1 all the other are milf
damn it

Dawncreep says:

there was also Jenna Jameson zombie in dead island too

David law says:

number 4 look like vanessa videl

Frank S says:

Is pr0n a new word?

BadKnightLv01 says:

Top 5 Pr0n Stars? Sorry best I can do is 3.50

Tim Lange says:

Lame, just use Bing…

TheCrimsonShadow21 says:

this video is awesome!!! didn’t know they had that many porn stars in

DavidB1001 says:

+Dakota Vamp
You do know you’re not supposed to delete posts inside a comment chain just
because you don’t like them,right? That’s abusing the feature, which is
bad, and technically can get you in to trouble.
Regardless of your abuse of a feature designed to prevent spamming, I will
leave you and your childish behavior alone.

MrJannsenn says:

on the thumbnail stands: Top 5 Pr0n Stars in video games

Orion Gamer says:

Never herd such a terrible voice in my life

GreatBigRanz says:

Tera could make it as a voice actress.

david portorreal says:

Vvvn vhlloczghhhhhjkllzx. Bmlgopyb

James Gamey says:

my favorite boss fight in gaming is zemnas from Kingdom hearts 2 he’s the
final boss and you need to use every skill you’ve used from every game.

xwx.fred says:

k… I was expecting fictitious porn star characters in games, not real
porn stars embedded in games. 

Jordyn Bell says:

why does the title say pron instead of porn

Skyrim Dragon says:

When you relies its spelt pron

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