Tera Patrick Saints Row 2

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Tera Patrick en Saints Row 2.


Paul Issac says:

best game advertisement ever.

3innersinner says:


PanicBlowjob says:

I like her shirt.

Ginteru says:

Some hot whore I wanna bang

1965CAPTKIRK says:

She totally destroyed her looks with that horrible arm tattoo.

hakueisan says:

Tera Patrick is fucking sexy.

KhmerDubbed says:

… Waiiittt. Are you saying shes trying? XD

kennedy00712 says:


NTom92 says:

Just give up Saints Row you won’t ever beat GTA

beefking69er says:

@NTom92 gta 4 was the gayest fucking shit ive played in a while. some
little fat russian pussy runnin around havin a winge, cant drive for shit,
no planes, no worthwhile side mission, no customization, …. what a
fukcing let down saints row was fun as fuck, looking forward to the 3rd.

Харлампий Храмов says:

люблю эту сучку)))

vindicator606 says:

ooooooooooohhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

bigcpeck says:

From 1:08 to 1:10 is Julius.

Drribler10 says:

her sexyness>her beauty…

gjj101 says:

BEST porn star around, BOING!

TuRdSandwitch18 says:

oh fuck me tera

PandasInUranus says:

lol look at the related videos

NTom92 says:

@beefking69er As much as I like those older GTA games, the new consoles
mean more realism. I like how GTA went for realism intead of
ridiculousness, because it makes it more believableand immersive. SR is
like an adult cartoon.

beefking69er says:

@NTom92 yeah bro, and adult cartoons are always fuckin fun lol the first 5
hours of gta 4 were fucking awsome, i thought i was going to become some
rich mother fuckin fob in liberty city and the whole “real” thing seemed
pretty sick, i love the euphoria engine for instance, and red dead was one
of the best fucking games ive played. I suppose I’m really hoping that gta5
will kick complete ass and throw in everything they did with san andreas,
but mabye make it a little more classy

Ginteru says:

Listen, not everybody is like you, some people like asians, some don’t,
deal with it, by the way, how did I get owned?

e5futter says:

Who is tera patrick? Is she a new actress?

SickM3nace says:

8 people looked at tera’s boobs and got distracted and hit the dislike

n8ivemafia1 says:

is this corperate warefare pack??

Warfrae says:

holy crap she is hot

Mitch Conner says:

Love the Game and her 😉

Sexual Albatross says:

so they resort to loose lipped porn stars to promote games now?

Dwayne Jackson says:

fap fap fap fap fap fap…..AAAGGGHHH!

Victor Guan says:

I want to do things to her.

TheWorldofVideoGames says:

I once saw a video where a guy fucked Tera Patrick so hard in doggystyle,
she must have seen stars.

SamosIMP says:

wtf did I see a ninja

beefking69er says:

@NTom92 saints row looked like and often felt like shit, your right, but
back in the day of vice city and san andreas it was the same, but they were
(and still are) fucking fun. If GTA can go back to it’s roots and take the
piss as well as have full customization and rediculous missions it would be
fun, but until then saints row is gunna be the sandbox of choice (ill still
pick up gta though)… Also, i’d look out for saints row 3… shits
rumoured to be built from the ground up

slorr55 says:

lol funny

Witaly Furmanow says:

Please stop humiliate yourself. U got owned, deal with it.

RichardArit says:

the game is good and hilarious.

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