Tera Patrick and Naked News Interview

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WARNING: This channel is intended for audiences 18 and over. View at your own risk. Follow Tera Patrick: twitter.com/tera1patrick twitter.com/terafans facebo…


Sabrina Morris says:

how you occur

Cem karaköylü says:

Tera The Best ;)

Paul Ensor says:

if its blurred whats the point in watching this???????

Energetic001 says:

Tera was one of my favorite adult performers in 2007 next to Krystal Steal.

Jonny Tolley says:

Tera is gorgeous and a sweetheart. I’ll never understand why she married
that creepy, tattooed freak Evan Seinfeld. Those porn scenes they did
together are so gross. It’s like watching that movie Monster Ball when
Halle Berry had to bang that ugly redneck Billy Bob Thornton.

ThePurplemonkeyfist says:

what the fucking fuck.

Michelle Maickel says:

recipe in any recipe

Bruce Foskey says:

Really good hot sex I say

Jitendra Kumar says:

‘Tera’ one of the hottest pornstar ever.

Viet Nguyen says:

WTf… I didn’t realize she was naked until 4:00

ralph rigor villarin says:


stubbi1001 says:

i love her and Daisy Marie – they both are the most sexiest which were in
the industry

YoToTheHo69 says:

I know I feel empowered with my penis in my hand as I watch those old Tera

generaldesor says:

Am I the only guy here actually listening to the interview and finding it
interesting beyond the boobs?

xmikew411x says:

It said at the beginning that it had to be “censored” because it’s on

Gerardo Piña says:

Search in Pirate Bay…!!!

mark heyes says:

go and hang yourself you prick,make my day

Hawkhunter07 says:

anybody know the host’s name?

nobuscupiesgames says:

how can we watch this uncensored it not on pron sites???????????????

Kevin Ron says:

Exactly. She is a Porn Star for Chxxxt’s sake.

Drocell Keinz says:

Well then, consider my feelings hurt.

Antonio Pineda says:

I tought they were gonna start makin up =( LOL

borromeo50 says:

shit… i expected they’d kiss at the end 🙁

caterinaamato says:

baddddddddddddddddd banned

1989NikeMcfly says:

I remember the first time i found a porn magazine i found in my neighbors
basement had Tera Patrick in the cover it was Cherry Magazine.

Haris Hakim says:

haha look at that..the porn star is more polite than the anchor..ironic..

nicenac says:

why are they hidding her tits!!!!!! are they really sexual

JeevS GOne says:

why is the host naked? Dafuq

Drocell Keinz says:

Clearly you’ve mixed up Youtube with Youporn.

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