Moonshine Bandits “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” featuring REHAB (Starring Tera Patrick)

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Official Music video for “Dive Bar Beauty Queen (Feat. Danny Boone of REHAB)” Starring Tera Patrick. Moonshine Bandits ‘Whiskey And Women Deluxe Shiner Editi…


scott dinkins says:


TheSTBadly says:

What the shit is this? This may be the worst thing I’ve seen in my life,
and I saw Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds for fucks sake!
*These guys make Kid Rock’s rapping sound like Ice Cube in comparison!
**For those curious, this is what comes out of the back end of a human
centipede if you feed the front end a shit sandwich!
***This is like a monkey taking and throwing it’s own shit, and then
somehow in mid-air the piece of shit starts attempting to rap, but like
this song turned out the shit just splattered on some poor guy taking his
kids to the zoo (in this case, me!)
****This song makes me wish I was deaf and dumb, unfortunately all I feel
now is dumb having listened to this piece of shit!
*****Speaking of deaf, I used to admire Helen Keller for her strength and
will, for being able to overcome the fact she was blind and deaf to be able
to communicate. After watching this piece of shit I now ENVY her, because,
if she were alive today, she would never have to see or hear this steaming
pile of feces and now I wish I were blind and deaf! Helen you lucky bitch!
******Fun fact: This video was not scripted. Tera Patrick was not acting
in this video, everything she did was real! They just played this song and
she became insane with rage and violently started trashing the set! It
took 3 canisters of tear gas to slow her rampage enough for the
tranquilizers to kick in!
*******I’ll probably spend the next week in bed trying to recover from this
shitfest! Maybe I should check in the VA hospital for PTSD. “What? No, I
wasn’t in any war, I saw some hillbillies try to rap…. Really? That’s
why you’re here too?”

waldenbuilder - Texas Outdoors and Motorcycle Roads says:

My kind of girl ;)

Erik Kersten says:

Complete fan after just one number!! Rocj on, greetings from The

Tey Wilson says:

like me some Jack…………….

ericnorthman36 says:

smokes the kind and packs a nine :)

Andrew Tanner says:

Long blond hair standin five foot nine 

Shawn Kazee says:

do you wanna be a princess? lol

Sherrilyn Kelly says:


The Party Elite *** says:


waldenbuilder - Texas Outdoors and Motorcycle Roads says:

One of my favorite movie stars ;)

jason uttley says:

have 1 on me!!!

David Pope says:

one for mr tabor

Brown n Orange says:

that dude cracks me up… yea, sure, I’d let him babysit my teen

leatherfaced says:

Love how Hank III gets slipped in there…

tony mozli-warren says:

As Mr. Spock would say: Fascinating.
This would fit in good into that Tru Blood show. More authentic than Cowboy

donnie says:

LOL camper van

Metatron wzz says:

Had a few of those, hell had a LOT of those :p

paul rost says:

i love this song and funny thing is where i live you see alot of the stupid
older man hitting on the women here great song

Douglas Woods says:


mike oldaker says:


Ronnie Mabe says:

nice jam

ridener13 says:

still supporting the red and white. damn good

Trippinovermylaces says:

Ive got some speed. Ya know, its cut with some weird shit. I know you’ve
been hittin that moonshine,but I’d like to be hittin on you.

modirtyjoe says:

150 + reneck vids on modirtyjoe’s playlist

larry deller says:

Fucken awesome

MrDriftking108 says:

The Bandits and Danny Boone Killer Redneck Combo !! They all look good in
the dark…. Truest Statement ever made…Love it !! lmao

Robotar says:

That was the gayest video I have ever seen.

Bryor Luedke says:

The best song ever

GlamDrumz says:

hahahahahahahahahaha “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” Too fuckin’ funny!!!!

TheWestcoastrasta says:

Say Isn’t that Johnny Richter in this vid

wvgodfather says:

#WVShiner Keep doing what you guys are doing. AWESOME music, and mentality.

ADG KATO says:

Come on up to port orchard wa. and shine this town…

Missfoxylady77 says:

love love love! we waited over fucking year to see this to come out! hell
yeh! get up and work that pole kinda song! SFFS! ((whats eating alexander
grape??) #below

James Smith says:

I’ve never had the camper van line work either…I can feel for the guy…

Adolf Günther Walther says:

Hell yeah!!!! This band is rocking!!! I love the whole shiner family!!!

peter johnson says:

keep fucking your redneck buddies to this song you stupid fuckin twat =)

myzukrox says:

I got a camper van out back …………hahahahahaha

MrDriller2003 says:

SHINER NATION and all the SHINERS out there i have mad love and respect for
you im a SHINER until the day i die and then i will be a SHINER for all
time S.F.F.S 132

twztid13 says:

New Youtube layout SUCKS!

Thomas Holdgate says:

Love this band

Donhoejr jr says:

hell yea….its here!!!!! cant wait to hear it live in cleveland……kick
ass song boys!

porkchop pepper says:

Fuck all yall city slicker get a life. If yall know what life really about
beside concrete surroundind you. get out live.

Brent Lambley says:

you guys kick ass…. keep up the good work.

richard Redneck says:

what come in packs of 9 ….ineed to know

Missfoxylady77 says:

My Cd is almost wore out and i just got it! bumps in my mustang

TheShortbusallstars says:

I personally think they are awesome and if you don’t support them you are

TheShortbusallstars says:

you kids are retarded, they are a one hit wonder, only because your iq is
too low to buy a second album, they are a very talented crew and they could
be boss #1 if you nerds hold true and support them, however I doubt you
will because you are all downies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peter johnson says:

“shootin’ that mouth off at our country redneck gals”…..hahah what there
gonna beat me up after country fucks like you have already been smackin
them around? Regardless of being a redneck, Moonshine Bandits fucking suck,
i use to love Suburban Noize Records but after singing these fat fucks
subnoize has gone wayyy down hill. KEEP COUNTRY IN COUNTRY IT DOESN’T

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