Tanya Tate Wonder Woman (Uncut: Comic-Con 5)

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Arguably the perfect man, Kassem G, interviews people at Comic-Con. Watch the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVaHxBJoQgE More interviews: Adrianne …



3:12-3:14 Didn’t your mom ever teach you not to point at people.

Lance Murdok says:

Kids, take a note or two from uncle Kassem. Humor is the key. If you’re
reading this Tanya, ( . )( . ) O_o drool.. Keep cosplaying.

dayne forster says:

Nooo way she’s from liverpool my home town … Haha belter

hoobaloob99 says:

guys shes a porn star

HolidayDrunkMonkey says:

I like how everyone who passes by her looks at her like they would fuck her
till she runs out of pussy juice! 

Scarles says:


Evan Walkoski says:

he got so happy at the end there :)

Colm Markey says:

4:01 booty had me like

dayne forster says:

Is right girl 🙂 mad the way jus come across it haha 

MC Puffy says:

just a random thought . pause at 1:07 , i think the asian guy in the
background was like “hmm groovy..” 

Rusty Kuntz says:

She’s got the inner cleavage of a Beef Jerky monster

TheRoscobigfoot says:

2:16 Google Glasshole on the right.

James Bradley says:

Look 3:14 its Raoul duke and Dr Gonzo

noveron714 says:

cmon Kassem just tell use already did you do her already

lilmunch64 says:

very judgmental drunk man at 3:58.

konohahurricane07 says:

I wish I could find the video with her and Deauxma fucking

Illidan Stormrage says:

You bastard Kassem!

Arby Flash says:

3:58 Creepiest….man….ever.

redmss says:

Did you fuck Kassem yet?

Shane Anderson says:

Oh mate she’s a hunny !! Grab her and never let her go . Ever !!

OneButton Dash says:

i’ve seen her in porn, her pussy is as big as a house

EbilinforcerDJ says:


4TheWinQuinn says:

He is so fucking smooth

ZombieSlayerForLife says:

HE FUCKED HER that’s awesome

VNG - The Return 2014 says:

Them guys at 3:11 hahah

phant4x says:

he already has

VisualiseTheFun says:

Kass u shoulda ended that hug at the end with some smartass comment

thestuffer69 says:

Guys never search for her on a porn site….. Take my word. You may think
itd be good

Ace Sabri says:

i’ve already now you are porner

AngryOrcGames says:

Yeah so?

Royal Zak says:

i’m off to google….


send the link lol

AJ says:

“I can feel the bag in there” Lmao.

Ryno7 says:

tanya tate on pornhub

andrey kovalchuk says:

daammmmmm!! Cant Stop Stare She pretty and hot !

Gator115 says:

Lmao hahaha

ItsameAlex says:

I want to have fun with your body (and face/head)

Tom Tsakirakis says:

Kassem, you Sir are my hero.

Brian Soto says:

Dude, you are a boss

kholla1410 says:


persianprinceG says:

You mad bro? fuckin sheep shagger

barrettfb says:

Google Glass @ 2:16

Samuel Koreny says:

4:33 poor kassem his nose stole all the action

Kobey Valentine says:

KassemG,if you don’t bang that woman’s brains out!

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