Elizabeth AcostaKuntz – Tanya So Beautiful, so Innocent

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Tanya, So beautiful, so Innocent
I remember when she was born
She look so tiny in her Mother’s arms
Her Dad stood by her
and there we were smiling with great delight.

Then she became one year old.
She still had the innocent baby smile on her face
She cried and we gave her milk,
She follows our movements with her tiny eyes.

Now she is five.
She tells stories and reasons out,
Asks questions and most of the time
chooses the food that she wants to eat.
She learned to say no and say yes, spell words and express herself.

So innocent and so beautiful!
With her long black hair over her shoulders,
her eyes shines and glows the evidence of youth.

We love her very much, We wish the innocence never go away.
She is so beautiful, so innocent.

By Elizabeth Acosta Kuntz
Copyright ©2008 Elizabeth Acosta Kuntz

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Elizabeth AcostaKuntz

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