Part 2 Adult Super Stars Misty Stone & Mia Isabella starring in “FLY” shoot

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Here we go on Part 2 of our shoot adventure with the beautiful Misty Stone I enjoy being in front of the camera just as much as the next so I make a cameo ap…


draha100 says: beautiful

andre simon says:

Nothing to tell girls you are very beautiful, especially mia you make me

Tullus Aufidius says:

Fiyah, tell Misty she should get her own channel too. She doesn’t even have
to shake ass or anything, just make vlogs, gossipping or talking about
current events. It’s not like we get to see you ladies doing this stuff in
the movies.

TeddyBear4TS says:

Glad to see something new from you…and looking STUNNING!!

MsMiaIsabella says:

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