Jada Fire, Misty Stone, Naomi Banxxx & Skin Diamond – CE

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chris ndungu says:

gal ur so sexy .kip it up

lonelycyclist says:

She’s gorgeous and my favourite ex porn star.

Eddie Gilbert says:

Misty is the most sexy.

JiggaNiggaFigga says:

IMO as far as I can tell Jada Fire is the best black female performer.

Anthony Jones says:

Big titties!!

hotguy21ful says:

I wanna fuk jada fire

ToThePeople ForThePeople says:

i hate black bitches

Mira Lopez says:

“Its some dirty mawfuckas out there man” 1:50

That coming from a woman that doesn porn for a living?

mirror much?

Ahmed Muwonge says:

jada fire has so many fans in Africa

michael truthson says:

Ok how do you treat a skank with r-e-s-p-e-c-t? come man this is what it
has come to granted she is attractive yet what man would really see himself
marrying her or any of these skanks and she is no rocking no panties yeah
she is such a woman and a lady thanx Aretha Franklin

Dominic Madbull says:

Jada is the best for anal

michael truthson says:

ok gotta lol at my typos gee perhaps I need to get hooked on phonics?

michael truthson says:

ok the interviewer sucks 

michael truthson says:

lol at the Black Surfer Girl voice with the ghetto slang attitude 

mogulmg says:

These bitches are not stars they are whores

Arenzoj says:

3:15 You can see up her skirt and she isn’t wearing any panties
You can thank me later

nuknuknuk111 says:

jada hella bad!! 

88steez says:

Skin Diamond > Any other woman

atlanta176 says:

if you added all of the nuts these 4 hoes have swallowed its been over a

yohance peters says:

Nobody really, God made dark skin women to. Only stupid racists say stuff
like that.

TheMasterLilNasty says:

Who told u that?

Patricia Thomas says:

i’d marry jada fire cuzz…straight up

Terry Douglas says:

Can’t anyone just treat her with some respect when then interview her and
let us see the true person inside? td5150@msn.com

MrGoldietheMack says:

she aint wearin no panties

BelledelaGroove says:


M. Bison says:

Black Girls>White Girls

Bruffx says:

It would be a experience of a lifetime to fuck jada

DonaldTrump3 says:

I like Jada! The flag her private channel! Hot vidz… 🙂 LIKE from me / R

mririe6375 says:

This dirty bitch is calling men dirty. She had 2 dicks up her ass at the
same time and a big toe and cock in her mouth…All at once. This is every
fathers’ worst nightmare. Ain’t that the pot callin the kettle black


I want jada fire but she only fucks white guys 🙁

Tahmar Gaither says:

Damn them tits jada

gremel183mont says:

Love Jada 🙂

SuperRoy619 says:

sad that skin diamonds part was so short. shes the best one

adewunmi anthony says:

I can get u a black woman if u want….message me @ hantonie090

justen998 says:

misty stone<3

OconByrd519 says:

Why oh why did Jada retire from prom…… 🙁

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