Ariel Flip N Switch Castle with Frozen Elsa Bath Tub Magic Clip Doll Little Mermaid DisneyCarToys

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DisneyCarToys Ariel Flip N Switch Castle Disney Princess Toy review and story with Disney Queen Elsa from the Frozen movie taking a bath in Ariel’s tub. Arie…


VanessX22TheDramatic says:

That was awesome and it was funny when Ariel was coughing and how she had
to get out to breathe and how Elsa randomly appeared in her bathtub and was
bathing!! 😀 How hilarious!!

Thomas and Friends, Disney, Play Doh says:

I like castle as a setting in

Kelley Grassham says:

is all toy collector you?

Chloe Schemidt says:

How much was it and was Ariel included

Maddi Stillwell says:

Ariel is a natural born princess her dad is a king

Sary G says:

I whant ir

M Ahmed says:

A Disney car toys can u make me a special birthday video on 25 march any
video but I’m a girl

Katarina Konjikusic says:


Abdul Wahid says:

Nice. Love ur sweet voice

Nur Zahra says:

Ariel’s lipstick is weird…

twerkalious tripletts says:

I like you videos but don’t you waste money ?

FrozenFloraGem says:


Kimberly Castañeda says:

Where’s the fork

CopperBubble2 says:

Can I have one please

Rachel Hart says:

Why on earth is Elsa the one without a castle. She literally built her own

Jimmy Luttje says:

What about the fork

Maddy Echo says:

How old are you?

Kaitlyn Thalman says:

How old are you 

Hailee Pullen says:

You and all toy collector sound the same are you sisters

Yenein Abreu says:

I love this girl

lalaloopsy love says:

i love your videos soooooo much 

Olivia Patterson says:

As soon as I saw another one of ur videos and it was this I was happy!!Then
I notice it was elsa and Ariel my 2 fav princesses!!

vivian cach says:

I love elsa tell me were you get the flip n switch castle oh and tell me
were you get elsa?

Aloodra Baano says:

Hi disneycartoys im a new subsriber 😀 i love your video so much!

Lana Wendy Potgieter says:


Angie Mtz. says:

Elsa is not a princess

Ava Tetley says:

I love it when the bath tub turn it over and a perfume shelf

ชวินโรจน์ แก้วสิมมาพร says:


Amber Leitl says:

i love your video a lot

HankyPlaysMC says:

LOL she was in Ariel’s tub!

Angel Love says:

I love this video

Luis Bouchot says:


Nurul Iffah says:

I know why Elsa does not have the castle. It is because she is a queen,not
a princess.

Nina Spillman says:


prixated says:

There was a fourk there so its 4 items

Katarina Konjikusic says:

is not you

twerkalious tripletts says:

so cn you make the bah tub? and you sould try coffee table

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