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Debra Danielsen has been working on her relationship with her estranged daughter Farrah Abraham – but the Teen Mom OG star is still keeping her mother in the dark about her life. Danielsen reveals her thoughts on her daughter’s return to porn. Abraham, 26, stripped down for the porn website CamSoda for a live webcam session on September 13.

The mother of Sophia, 8, wore a white bikini for the raunchy session. But the barely-there outfit didn’t stay on for long, as she showed off her bare butt, boobs and vagina! Abraham used the webcam opportunity to promote her sex toy line, which are molded from her lady parts Danielsen said of the shocking webcam session, “I had no clue about it. I’m speechless. I know my daughter has been trying to change her image. She’s been doing professional things. She then explained how she hopes to continue working on her relationship with her daughter. “They’re my world, I really feel everyone has things in their life they have to deal with,” she said. “My goal is to be close with my family and to love them. I want them to help me and I want to help them.”

The post Farrah Abraham’s Estranged Mom Slams Her Porn Return appeared first on Star Magazine.

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Luckily for me, I don’t need glasses… yet. But if that day does come, I know I won’t opt for contacts because it just looks incredibly painful. Everyone I know who has them says it isn’t a big deal after a while, but every time I see them poking around their eyes it makes me squeamish.

So I couldn’t help but scream when I saw this video of a girl who decided it would be a good idea to insert a doll’s eye into her own eye socket. Regardless of the fact that you wouldn’t be able to actually see out of it, it looks incredibly painful.

She’s clearly in a lot of pain, as the doll’s eye appears to be slightly larger than her eyelid can handle. But after a bit of poking and prodding, the toy eye comes out.

The video has since gone viral, notching up nearly 60,000 shares, 38,000 likes and 44,000 comments. While many people have commented with laughing emojis, there are some who are outraged.

It’s a pretty obvious warning to steer clear away from putting foreign objects, which won’t even remotely help your vision, into your eye. Although it doesn’t come close to the ones issued by actual medical professionals for women to stop putting wasp’s nests inside their vaginas.

Wasps used for vaginas

Oak galls, the nests in which wasps reside, are being ground into a paste for ‘vaginal rejuvenation’. The small balls are being sold among online retailers, including Etsy.

However, Dr Jen Gunter spoke of the damaging side effects of this activity, explaining: “This is dangerous practice with real potential to harm.”

Welcome to 2017, where literally any trend can kick off.

It’s the special sucking feeling generated by Fleshlights that causes these masturbators very popular around the world. The sleeve is extremely tight inside the container that you simply push air out every time you thrust in the stroker. The stroker is made to look like a real vagina as closely as possible from the unbelievably tight opening to the stretching love canal. The inner is also lined with ribs to tease your shaft and suction chambers for the stronger blowjob sensation.
It’s really an amazing toy. Shop now using the coupon “GOLD11” at the checkout of Adam and Eve, you’ll get 50% off plus free shipping, mystery gift and bunos dvd’s

A sex doll (also love doll or blowup doll) is a type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation. The sex doll may consist of an entire body with face, or just a head, pelvis or other partial body, with the accessories (vagina, anus, mouth, penis) for sexual stimulation. The parts are sometimes vibrating and may be removable or interchangeable.

The most expensive sex dolls (approximately $1,200 and up) are usually made from silicone (usually above $3,000 at 2016 prices) or thermoplastic elastomer known as TPE (below $3,000). Dolls made of either material can be very lifelike, with faces and bodies modeled on real people in some instances, with realistic skin material (similar to that used for movie special effects), and with realistic (or even real) hair. These dolls usually have an articulated PVC or metal skeleton with flexible joints that allows them to be positioned in a variety of positions for display and for sexual acts. Silicone or TPE dolls are much heavier than vinyl or latex inflatable ones (which consist mostly of air), but are roughly half the weight of a real human being of comparable size.

Some of the first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the seventeenth century who would be isolated at sea during long voyages.These masturbatory dolls, referred to by the French as dame de voyage and by the Spanish as dama de viaje, were made of sewn cloth or old clothes and were a direct predecessor to today’s sex dolls. The Dutch sold some of these dolls to Japanese people during the Rangaku period, and the term “Dutch wives” is still sometimes used in Japan to refer to sex dolls.

In Japan one can purchase inflatable love pillows or “dakimakura” that are printed with a life-size picture of a porn star or anime character. Other less common novelty love dolls include overweight, intersex, elderly and alien dolls, which are usable for pleasure but also tend to be given as gag gifts. Some inflatable dolls even have the form of children.

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Girl Gets Beat Up Till She Pees Herself For Talking About A Chick’s Deceased Mother!11 Year Old Child Bride Speaks Out Before Being Killed Original video /watch?v=-J7_TK… FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain …

Doggy Toys: As I sat down to write this description I just remembered that girl that has two vaginas HAHAHAHA like how does …

Judge doesn’t take crap from clueless girl, Penelope Soto, during her hearing in court. Judge holds bitchy girl in contempt of court. Girl gives judge the finger in …

Doggy Toys: This description is to be read to the beat and song of “Makes Me Ill” by N*SYNC, the greatest band that ever lived …

Girl Gets Beat Up Till She Pees Herself For Talking About A Chick’s Deceased Mother!Girl Gets Beat Up Till She Pees Herself For Talking About A Chick’s …

Aye bro
When your lip singing is
Me and josh know how to have a good time
When your boy vapes for the first time
How we tell each other we’re home
When you’re hungry but the food isn’t ready. W/ Josh Clark
When your boy looks better a girl than a man
Tootie loves this song
When you can’t quite find the words. W/ Brooke Gunn
Josh Clark is not a morning person
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Josh Clark got him a new toy at the gas station
New toy
When you take things to far W/ Josh Clark
Vine blooper… Don’t mess with a girl while she is studying
Guys don’t listen to anything. @brookegunn
Do you have that kind of feeling?
Brooke really needs to study
Is that a vagina? Brooke Gunn
When I see a cookout, I be like..
When you’re too drunk to stand up and dance
When someone asks me to help them move
When you feel someone starring
I don’t know what I was thinking when I woke up to this lol
When you realize, you just busted your buddy out! W/ Josh Clark & Brooke Gunn
How was the fall.
Well truTV put my vine up!
When you’re trying to get the right angle.
What’s up homeboy
When you’re listening to music in the car with someone vs being alone.
My jam
Nailed it! W// Becca Carter
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When your boy tryin to hit that high note!
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My Bad, Bro! W// Josh Clark
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Weight loss commercial gone wrong.
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Its not throwback, but this is and old vine! If u remember comment!
Girls can hear you even when you don’t speak. W/ Becca Carter
“Bitch” I asked for buzzers! W// Becca Carter
Nailed it
Left, right? FML
Pay back is a mother******
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That moment you know all your kids toy songs…
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Me on HALOWEEN W// Josh Clark, Ryan Cleveland
When u make up your own lyrics.. W/ WesHodge
A spider can turn anyone into a Bitch! W/ WesHodge
When your trying to sleep and your roommate can’t keep it down W/ WesHodge
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Selfie part 2 W/ Presley cleveland
Selfie! W/ Presley cleveland
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Shopping Shenanigans
I def didn’t know what to say lol
My momma told me…
My last vine was not to offend anyone! Can’t take vines seriously people! Geeez!
How josh and I became bestfriends W// Josh Clark
When im left with baby pt. 2 W / Riley
When Im left at home with the baby! W/ Riley
When your fav song comes on W// Riley
Karaoke on the way to the store!
“I wonder if wisconsin even has bugs” Josh Clark lol My Country Nation MyCountryNation YoungInTheNation Go check it out!
When i put boots on for the first time.

What Sex Toys Do Indian Girls Use?

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Doggy Toys: As I sat down to write this description I just remembered that girl that has two vaginas HAHAHAHA like how does .
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