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A Japanese man was horrified after his grandmother appeared to mistake his sex toys for socks.

The 21-year-old filmed himself finding the pensioner in her dressing gown sitting on the edge of her bed in Tokyo, Japan, on July 5.

She had a pair of silicone vaginas normally used for male masturbation slipped over her feet to keep them warm.

The bachelor, who would not be identified, then told his grandmother off before explaining what they are actually used for.

”At 21, I never thought I’d be taking away onaholes from my grandmother’s feet,” he says.

The man then removed the ‘socks’ from his grandmother and vowed never to use them again.

Onaholes are a type of synthetic vagina sex toy available in the Far East country.

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Les acteurs de la pièce de théâtre “Ma femme me prend pour un Sex Toy” sont les invités de Grand Lille TV pour nous parler du spectacle au titre si alléchant …
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Jennifer Lawrence guest hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and had Kim Kardashian West as a guest.
Lawrence asked Kardashian West about her KKW Beauty contour stick.
Lawrence joked that she had initially confused it for a dildo.
Kardashian West implied she was used to sex toys of a “darker color.”

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Britain’s Cabinet Office is to open an inquiry after a government minister admitted asking his former assistant to buy sex toys on his behalf.

Mark Garnier, a junior international trade minister, asked secretary Caroline Edmondson to buy two sex toys and he also called her “sugar tits”, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Garnier told the newspaper that the comment was part of a conversation about a television show, and that asking her to buy the toys was “good humoured high jinks”.

The report comes after May’s spokeswoman said on Friday any unwanted sexual behaviour was “completely unacceptable” and any minister who acted inappropriately would face “serious action”.

“Degrading culture”

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt said on Sunday May had asked the Cabinet Office to investigate whether Garnier had broken the government ministers’ code of behaviour.

“The stories, if they are true, are obviously totally unacceptable,” Hunt told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show.

Hunt also said Prime Minister Theresa May was writing to the speaker of the House of Commons to discuss how to stamp out sexism and abuse there.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn warned on Saturday (Oct. 28) that a “warped and degrading” culture of sexual harassment was thriving in the UK parliament, and said any MPs who have engaged in inappropriate behaviour must be held accountable.

Allegations have been swirling around Westminster ever since Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein scandal prompted women across other sectors to speak out.

A litte digging has revealed that ‘Siri’ has a bit of a sordid history.

c’est censé etre un coussin relaxant lol

Hilary Duff’s fiancé Matthew Koma gifted her a sex toy to say sorry after he was a “d**k” to her in an argument.

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