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Before you are formally charged with a sex crime in California, an investigation will take place. During this pre-filing investigation period, police will attempt to collect evidence against you and get you to admit to committing a crime. That is why you need an attorney to represent you. Call our offices today at (877) 4-NO-JAIL or (877) 466-5245 so we can begin representing you. We will be there when you call.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal in the US has triggered such shockwaves in France that it is set to boost the fight against sexual harassment there. The question was raised in the French parliament with clear calls to change things in a country which cherishes its reputation as a land of romance.

The French junior minister for Gender Equality, Marlene Schiappa was given an applause when she spoke to the house,
“We urgently have to lower our society’s level of tolerance towards sexist and sex-based violence. It’s a defining issue of our civilization and it’s an exciting challenge that I ask you to take on together.”

Over the past week, more than 300,000 posts relating to sexual harassment or abuse have been published under the French hashtag #balancetonporc, or #squealonyourpig hashtag on Twitter, after stars publicly accused the Hollywood mogul Weinstein of sexual assault.

But in true French style, while emphasising the importance of tightening the law, Schiappa also wants to preserve the traditions of courtship.

“This is about preserving flirting, gallantry, French-style loving: saying that we must safeguard mutual consent, that between consenting adults everything is allowed, they can flirt, speak to each other and so on, but as soon as someone has said ‘No’, they don’t want to play that game, it’s a firm and definitive ‘No’.”

This kicks off a series of nationwide consultations over a law proposed to fight sexual harassment on the streets as well as extend the statute of limitation for the rape of minors.

This hot new product that’s lighting up Chinese social media. A pen-sized flamethrower designed especially for women to shoot fire against would-be attackers is now on sale in China. Developed by manufacturer Yipinxuan and marketed for women to scare away sex attackers, the flamethrower comes in a box along with refilling butane gas cylinders. It’s only about 8 inches long but can spout flames for up to 10 inches long.

Malta’s parliament passed the Marriage Equality Act on Wednesday! The government voted 66-1 in favor of same-sex marriage, making Malta the latest European country to promote LGBT rights. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat took to social media to celebrate the outcome. “Shows that our democracy, our society … has reached an unprecedented level of maturity and a society where we can all say we are equal,” Muscat told reporters.

Jeeze, don’t celebrities get ENOUGH attention already? Some celebrities like to pull a little publicity stunt – or a big one, in these cases – in order to get some more spotlight on them. Whether it’s a sex tape (hello, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton), a fake rap beef, or simply just acting completely erratic, bizarre and twerking on anything that moves (*cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*), then you can bet your fave famous people are on this list!

UFA, RUSSIA— Speedy sex was the name of the game for this randy dude, who couldn’t be bothered to take off his backpack for sexy times — much less get a room.

Ufa City News reports that the couple was on top of a multi-storey car park near a mall in Ufa, Russia, and found themselves in the mood for a bit of parallel parking.

Bystanders soon spotted the shenanigans and began filming the pair’s passionate tryst.

In the video, people can be heard screaming insults and obscenities at the couple, but the horny lovebirds either didn’t hear, or couldn’t care less, and carried on with their thrusting.

You gotta admire that willpower and dedication.

The footage was of course uploaded online. It has reportedly gone viral in Mother Russia, but the police are probably not investigating.

(via 2017 has been quite the year for travel & personal growth, but the trip that’s really taken the coveted top spot for us here at stupidDOPE has been the journey to Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica. With Montego Bay’s international airport only a short ride away, Jamaica’s 4-star adult playground is a place that you have to experience to truly grasp what it’s about. For those looking to indulge in personal freedom, search no further, because Hedo II is lit!

Boasting an all-inclusive lifestyle, Hedo II is nestled at the edge of Jamaica’s incredible Seven Mile Beach. Offering picturesque vistas from every viewpoint, Hedo II attracts clientele from all over the globe to escape the humdrum of the norm. And in exchange, they get to live out their fantasies in a safe environment that fosters sensual self-indulgence. Personally, I wouldn’t call Hedo II a sex resort, but rather a sexy resort where lovemaking is a definite plus.

One half of the tropical playground is clothing optional (prude), while the other is strictly nude. Together, both sides really complete the yin and yang of the human experience.

When you get to Hedo II, you wont be surprised by extra costs, as everything is included in one upfront price. And being a constant sufferer of the munchies and drunchies, I really appreciated the damn-near 24/7 food and beverage options that permeate the entire property.
The food is world-class, offering dining experiences that knocked my palate out with a one-two punch. From Teppanyaki style cuisine, to Jamaican-Italian fusion blends, and literally everything in between, Hedo II is the spot to be, even if open-nudity isn’t your style. But I have got to say, nothing is more liberating than ordering a jerk chicken sandwich sans bathing suit. Additionally, Hedonism II touts 5 fully stocked bars designed with visitors in mind. The staff is ultra-friendly, and carry conversation with you like you’ve known them for years. The entertainment is so dope, with sexy performances every night, and musical notes that set the mood.

The property is equipped for the active lifestyle as well as the lounging one, so if it suits you, scuba diving, tennis and volleyball (with pro instructors) are available throughout the day. And just to mention again, it’s included in the price, so no added expenditures are expected. The gym is modernized and if you need a personal trainer, they have you covered too!

Yeah, you’ll definitely see naked people, but it’s the unrestricted atmosphere that Hedo II provides that makes the once-taboo notions of nudity fade faster than my inhibitions after having one of Hedo’s infamous Bob Marley concoctions. This place is iconic for it’s visual sights and views on pleasure alike. With nightly themed events aimed at sensually charging your spirit, to the famed Romping Shop Playroom, you can be totally confident that you’re in for a treat unlike any other. After a week at Hedonism II you’ll be changed for the better, because you have the option to let go of inhibitions and social norms that often constrict us in an inhumane manner. We all have urges, and Hedo II sets the white-sanded platform to be who we want to be with whom we want to be with.

Much love to Diamond PR for the opportunity, can’t wait to experience the spot with a loved one.

Despite progress in understanding sexuality and dismantling sexual taboos, there is still a ton of misinformation out there about pleasure, desire, conception, birth control, and more. A sex educator recently debunked some of the most common sex myths for Allure Magazine. First up is the myth that a woman cannot get pregnant if she is on top of her partner. This is absolutely not true–a woman can get pregnant regardless of position, as long as a penis is in the vagina.

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High summer in Cuba, 1953, and Havana gleams with possibility. Flush with booming casinos, sex and drugs, Havana is a lucrative paradise for everyone. Of course, where there s paradise, trouble can t be far behind. Trouble, in this case, makes its entrance in the terrifically charismatic form of a young revolutionary named Fidel Castro.