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A pervert, who was masturbating on a platform of the local railway station, was shown live on facebook, by one of the woman inside a train. The man was standing right outside the women’s compartment. Initially the women kept quiet, but then they decided to protest and informed the staff before getting back to the train. As soon as the pervert saw the staff coming, he ran away. The police later arrested the man, who is a 50-year old hawker after the woman approached Kolkata police.

37-year-old Andrew Frey was arrested in Oregon after fighting off more than a dozen police officers while high on Meth. Iggy’s Bar and Grill in Salem called the police after the man began masturbating at the counter. Police arrived and tased Frey several times- but it eventually took 15 cops to put him under arrest.

In a shocking news from Kerala, a man was caught masturbating in a KSRTC bus which was heading to Adivaram from Kozhikkode. The woman passenger Jilu Joseph noticed the strange movements of the young man and captured a video. In her Facebook post, the girl posted a video of the young man masturbating beside her in a KSRTC bus. However, nobody in the bus came to her rescue. She said she wanted police to locate the man and take legal action.

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When it is learned that a man dies everytime another man masturbates, a ban is placed on masturbating.

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