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The Nerdy Gangsters (TNG) goes about asking the people of Mumbai about Casual Sex , Masturbating & One Night Stand. Check out some shocking reactions …

A woman passenger has alleged that a cab driver was sexually harassing. In her complaint the woman, who works in a private company, was on her way home in central Delhi when she noticed that cab driver was masturbating. This happened near National Museum on Janpath Road. She pressed the panic button and also called the police. Suspect was arrested and produced in the court. He is in judicial custody. Uber Driver arrested for harassing passenger.

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Taboue… Mais vertueuse pour la santé, la masturbation ?
Ce qu’il faut savoir sur cette pratique sexuelle.

La masturbation favorise l’orgasme vaginal
Pourquoi ? Parce que les orgasmes vaginaux et clitoridiens sont liés…
En résumé : l’orgasme clitoridien peut faciliter l’orgasme vaginal.

Les hommes se masturbent plus
Pourquoi ? Malgré la libération féminine, la masturbation est encore taboue chez les femmes. Elles la pratiqueraient moins et l’avoueraient peu. Les hommes, eux, reconnaissent facilement cette pratique…

La masturbation est bonne pour la santé
Pourquoi ? Elle est bénéfique : au système cardiovasculaire, à l’équilibre nerveux et dans la prévention du cancer prostatique…

Elle facilite l’orgasme
Pourquoi ? Elle permet de mieux appréhender son plaisir et de guider l’autre vers sa propre jouissance, si nécessaire.

Last July, in Chaucer House, Sutton Common, in the United Kingdom, a couple decided to remodel their flat. And, just to be extra careful, they installed hidden cameras to keep tabs on the workers. Well, they didn’t catch anyone stealing anything, but they did catch someone “playing with his tool belt,” or examining his drill bit,” or “polishing his hammer,” he was masturbating.

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A motion for masturbation – the naked truth_ Jane Langton at TEDxSFU

CUTE Girl Masturbating in the Library (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Social Experiment – Funny Videos 2015

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