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In a shocker from Kolkata – A man has been arrested after he was caught masturbating at two young women travelling in a bus. The man was arrested after one of the women posted a video of him masturbating and making indecent gestures at them. After the woman posted the video on her Facebook timeline, demanding justice from the Kolkata police – the video went viral, prompting swift action from the authorities. And eight hours later the police tracked and arrested the offender

A group of women threw a bucket of water on a man who is allegedly known to touch himself outside a hair salon in Vietnam.

Video captured on June 10 in Ho Chi Minh City shows a man with his face covered on a moped whose trousers appear to unbuttoned.

He massages his groin area as he looks through the glass shop-front of the hair salon.

According to the filmer, this is not the first time the man has made an appearance.

Fed up with his behaviour, one of the women bounds into the street and soaks him with a bucket of water.

The man on the moped then speeds off.

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Ken Ferguson calls in sick, Iain Wright gets caught doing you know what, Ryan Sickler keeps it nasty with his doctor, and Costaki Economopoulos’ baby is constipated.

Did this guy die while masturbating? Kim and Brett Erlich break it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Nerdy Gangsters (TNG) goes about asking the people of Mumbai about Casual Sex , Masturbating & One Night Stand. Check out some shocking reactions …

A woman passenger has alleged that a cab driver was sexually harassing. In her complaint the woman, who works in a private company, was on her way home in central Delhi when she noticed that cab driver was masturbating. This happened near National Museum on Janpath Road. She pressed the panic button and also called the police. Suspect was arrested and produced in the court. He is in judicial custody. Uber Driver arrested for harassing passenger.

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Taboue… Mais vertueuse pour la santé, la masturbation ?
Ce qu’il faut savoir sur cette pratique sexuelle.

La masturbation favorise l’orgasme vaginal
Pourquoi ? Parce que les orgasmes vaginaux et clitoridiens sont liés…
En résumé : l’orgasme clitoridien peut faciliter l’orgasme vaginal.

Les hommes se masturbent plus
Pourquoi ? Malgré la libération féminine, la masturbation est encore taboue chez les femmes. Elles la pratiqueraient moins et l’avoueraient peu. Les hommes, eux, reconnaissent facilement cette pratique…

La masturbation est bonne pour la santé
Pourquoi ? Elle est bénéfique : au système cardiovasculaire, à l’équilibre nerveux et dans la prévention du cancer prostatique…

Elle facilite l’orgasme
Pourquoi ? Elle permet de mieux appréhender son plaisir et de guider l’autre vers sa propre jouissance, si nécessaire.