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Selon les réseaux sociaux, la secrétaire d’État Marlene Schiappa souhaite que l’école apprenne aux enfants de 4 ans la masturbation. Info ou intox ? Julien Pain décrypte le vrai du faux.

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Actress Swara Bhaskar had faced flak over a masturbation scene that she did in the film “Veere Di Wedding”. She says she believed in the role and did it. Swara is awaiting the second season of her web show “It’s Not That Simple”, which will also star Purab and Kohli ad Sumeet Vyas in leads.

Masturbating Guest Is Afraid of Failing His Lie Detector | The Jeremy Kyle Show

Swara Bhasker created a lot of headlines for her controversial masturbation scene in ‘Veere Di Wedding’. However the film got the mixed reviews but that particular is scene is getting highlighted and she even got trolled on social media.

While many in the audience loved the scene, some felt it was ridiculous calling that sequence unacceptable and cheap.

And now recently, Swara’s mother, Ira Bhasker reacted to it and indirectly commented on the sexual connotations in ‘Veere Di Wedding’. In an interview to a leading tabloid she said,

“Let me begin by saying that sexuality per se in Indian cinema is not a subject that has been directly expressed. At the same time, historically, our cinema is unique in the sense that it has developed, over the years, a very complex and refined idiom on eroticism. And that idiom is the song,”

A pervert, who was masturbating on a platform of the local railway station, was shown live on facebook, by one of the woman inside a train. The man was standing right outside the women’s compartment. Initially the women kept quiet, but then they decided to protest and informed the staff before getting back to the train. As soon as the pervert saw the staff coming, he ran away. The police later arrested the man, who is a 50-year old hawker after the woman approached Kolkata police.

37-year-old Andrew Frey was arrested in Oregon after fighting off more than a dozen police officers while high on Meth. Iggy’s Bar and Grill in Salem called the police after the man began masturbating at the counter. Police arrived and tased Frey several times- but it eventually took 15 cops to put him under arrest.