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This weekend in Berlin, Germany, a soccer fan was caught masturbating in the stands!! The team supporter was snapped on video midway through the indecent act, and it was quickly uploaded to social media. The perv was removed by security and ejected from the arena.


Devil’s Domain tells the story of LISA POMSON, a troubled, social media obsessed teen, conflicted with her sexuality and her parents misunderstanding of her. When Lisa gets secretly filmed binging, purging, and masterbating the video goes viral and she suffers extreme cyber-bullying. Suicidal, and on the brink of insanity, a beautiful, mysterious stranger (the Devil) strikes up an online relationship with her. They grow close and meet and the stranger offers to help in exchange for a favor. The devil will rid her of the bullies and give Lisa fame and fortune in exchange for a baby. Lisa agrees and as the bullies die one by one, Lisa’s conscious kicks in and she regrets doing the deal. In a climatic finale, the Devil threatens eternal suffering and the death of her loved ones until she finally succumbs to give the devil a baby that will grow to reign terror upon the world. Featuring the music of : IGGY POP, DMX, THE ONYX, BRAINTICKET and more.

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Jerking off or masterbating while thinking about one of your family members

Incesturbation definition by Urban Dictionary

Piece of cloth or hankerchief used to collected ejaculated semen after male masterbation, usually left hidden under pillow or materess of teenage males. Used to prevent semen from spilling and staining the bed sheets – and supposedly to stop your mum from finding out how much you masterbate (but mums know what’s going on – the smell is a giveaway!)

Cummy definition by Urban Dictionary

To Masterbate infront of a desk fan, then ejaculate into it and let it spray all over your self, and then have your dog lick it off

Glynn definition by Urban Dictionary

To ejaculate, see masterbate

burping the worm definition by Urban Dictionary

tool used to masterbate girls, thrust the end without the bristles up..

Vibrating tooth brush definition by Urban Dictionary

The act of masterbating instead of doing something important. (ie. homework)

Procasterbating definition by Urban Dictionary