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The life of Norma Jeane was a tragic one
Full of sadness, pain and sexual fun
She was a blonde bombshell, a sex toy
The first to grace the cover of Heffner’s playboy
Many male admires in her unhappy life
Three times the charm she was somebody’s wife
Nobody else will ever be like Norma Jean
The most beautiful woman to grace the silver screen
From Candy Kane to Lorelei Lee
A happy smile to hide her fading sanity
This unhappy beauty and movie queen
Hooked on sleeping pills and morphine
To numb the pain of being misunderstood
Unable to save herself, nobody else could
Found lying on top of a red satin sheet
A staged suicide placed so evenly neat
Killed by a corrupt government plan
Her last dying breaths with the phone in her hand
Marilyn now immortalized when found in the nude
On celluloid her beauty her smile forever tattooed

An un-finished poem! ! !

nicola burkett

Heck, I’ll watch it just for breaking the norm.

Too many sitcoms with white fucking families.
[] Time to give it back to the sea?
[] What exactly is debit? Pulling the money directly from the account?
[] $20 of gas will get you enough fuel to move westwards far enough to be safe.

Being poor is an excuse, not a reason. You sure don’t have enough trouble with internet access.
[] My only regret is that I have bone-itus
[] The sound effect for this bit was key. glug glug glug glug
[] This man will forever be a hero.
[] Damn that’s awesome to hear. GF is a teacher and she has 2 stories similar to this as well, and sooo many where the parents have just given up 🙁
[] I’m going to go with dumbest also equals crazy religious.

I was asked if I knew if black mold could be dangerous. I told the customer yes. They asked if I believed in Jesus Christ. I said… That’s personal (I don’t, but if you do that’s fine), she said I needed to burn down the store I worked for because there was black mold on some of the books on the take a book leave a book shelf.

Guess what customer was found a few blocks away 2 weeks later when someone tried to burn down the book corner?

evidently the bible says something about if you find black mold in your house it’s evil and you have to burn down your house and start anew, or she was just crazy and made that up, I don’t know.
[] My girlfriends body is my sex toy.
[] Most isolated capital city in the world.
[] A friend of mine named his cat “Dog”.
[] It’s absolute nonsense to compare the act of refusing to look both ways at a crossing to wearing a short skirt. Locking your door at night is a precaution. Carrying a gun is a precaution. Wearing modest clothing isn’t a precaution. It’s giving into the demands of criminals who falsely claim that they can’t control themselves if they see a woman in a short skirt. It’s victim blaming. It’s saying “maybe she wouldn’t have been raped if she wasn’t wearing that clothing”. It’s sexist. It’s oppressive. It’s a request for women to submit to the demands of rapists. It’s not a precaution.
[] One thing to note is that Sparta actually spent less time actively at war than Athens. Their superior military force scared off a lot of potential enemies from engaging. So while the entire male population fought in the military, they were not always going to be engaged in battles or training, etc. I imagine it similar to the National Guard in the US. Where you have a real job (woodworker, mason, farmer, politician, etc) but regularly train with the military after work hours. And if anything happens, you are there with your military unit.
There were also likely people living in Sparta who weren’t Spartans (slaves, immigrants, etc.) and they would have been doing labor type work.
[] yeah, well they were making one, then disney took over and deleted it. It was called 33 something
[] I find all these “smart” gadgets really annoying. Off topic but i photograph weddings…we werr with the bride in the condo’s party room and wanted to use thenwindow light and shut off all the incandescent potlights…no switches, no panels no nothing. They had to get the janitor to go to some room and fiddle with some settings on some server or something (i dunno)…but 20 min later the potlights were off. Dumb.
[] How are you mentally ill? Is it a physical affliction, or just mental or cognitive disorders or something? And don’t feel useless. You can’t compare yourself to others. There is no normal, because normal is relative to you. You just need to find something to do th a time makes you feel useful.
[] Not really amazon original is it.
[] Oh that’s a pillar of creation alright.
[] She wasn’t asking about ice cream. Some people just like to get served, hard.
[] Just clicked on that. I read their sidebar but I still don’t understand what the sub is supposed to be for.
[] You, are, an evil genius…
[] Ok, but then we’ll have to say cock for all of it and never name those dangly bits balls.
[] I’ve got nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?
[] The claim is that current human behavior, as is, unsustainable in the long term.

Which is just another way of saying we must change this behavior. “or else”.

Simon Cowell has a male in his life that is actually showing more chest than him — and his name is Eric.
Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to Eric this past Friday.
Sunday, Cowell posted pictures on Twitter of himself, Silverman and their 2-day old son from the NYC hospital where the Valentine’s day baby was born.
It’s a pretty shocking sight for a man who by all accounts has avoided parenthood for 54 years.
Simon boasted how handsome his son is, adding, “I never knew how much love and pride I would feel.”
Kylie Minogue just keeps on giving us more and more! Earlier this month, the legendary singer released her “Into The Blue” music video, and then she made a surprise appearance on Valentine’s day at a pub in London! Dressed up in a shimmering little black dress and sporting a bob, Miz Minogue performed three songs, one of which is called “Les Sex.” It was the first time she’d performed it anywhere!
Award season focus moved from LA to London on Sunday when stars took to the red carpet for the 2014 BAFTA Awards. Angelina Jolie made her first red carpet appearance of the season on the arm of Brad Pitt , whose film, 12 Years a Slave , is up for best picture. Meanwhile, Prince William sped through the carpet as he made his way into the show, where he will present Helen Mirren with a special award. Other guests included Lupira Nyong’o, who looked elegant in green; Eddie Redmayne; and Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.
On a U.S. holiday weekend that kicked off on Valentine’s Day, “The Lego Movie,” an animated film that depicts a world based on the colorful toy blocks, collected $48.8 million to top box office charts, finishing far ahead of the romantic comedy “About Last Night” with ticket sales of $27 million. “RoboCop,” a remake of the 1987 science fiction film about a part-man, part-cyborg crime fighter, was third with sales of $21.5 million from Friday to Sunday, according to studio reports.

Long ago, Very Long ago, God was caught in a pensive mood
After sending down Giant sized Creatures with violent Nature
Floods and Fires with hellish Fury, Man was sent to live on earth
Man was single no one to mingle, wandered jungles with no one to tingle
God looked down noticed the Gloom, Dull and Dumb was the life on Earth

God sat straight, fastened his belt, decided at once to add some spice
Finding an answer God shined bright patted him self for striking it right

Spring was the season when he sprang the surprise
Pleasure peaked every where on finding this treasure
Gifting Man with compassion God sent down this sensation
Woman was his creation whipping out a temptation

Man jumped with joy thinking her a toy
knowing very little he is for a ride
the lust for sex and the need for a breed
drove the Man into the grip of greed

vulnerable was the woman in the beginning days
allowing the man to dictate the terms
confined herself in pleasing the man
remained longtime a captive of attachments

A blessing in disguise was the state of affairs
for the woman hitherto obeying the man
finding the Man’s dependence on her
woman changed wisely to set things right

The dominated became the dominator
The prisoner became the punisher
The suppressed became the oppressor
Man took refuge in the shadow of woman

Male world changed with the moods of Woman
Wealth got created for the needs of Woman
Coffers emptied for the lust for Woman
Man kneeled and danced to the tunes of Woman

God looked down Man stared up
Fearing a backlash God slipped into oblivion
With no one to complain Man opted for solitude
Paving the way for Saints and Monks

Somanathan Iyer