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Sexual Harassment Claims Surface in U.K. Parliament
30, 2017
LONDON — To the British lawmaker it was just “good-humored high jinks.” But after admitting
that he had asked a female member of his staff to buy sex toys, Mark Garnier was at the center of a formal investigation on Monday amid a litany of accusations of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior and casual sexism in Parliament.
I’m sorry and apologise unreservedly In addition to announcing an inquiry by the Cabinet Office into Mr. Garnier’s actions, Mrs. May has
written to the speaker of the Commons, John Bercow, to seek better ways for lawmakers’ staff members to raise concerns about their employers.
And on Saturday Michael Gove, the environment secretary, prompted angry complaints after joking
that being interviewed by the BBC presenter John Humphrys was like entering Mr. Weinstein’s bedroom and hoping “you emerge with your dignity intact.” Mr. Gove apologized unreservedly.
Then, as now, a weak Conservative government that was divided over Europe became embroiled in a series of scandals
that were all the more embarrassing because the prime minister, John Major, had promised that his party would get “back to basics.” In an earlier era, women were openly taunted.
Last year Isabel Hardman, a senior political journalist at The Spectator magazine, described how a male lawmaker
had approached her with the words “I want to talk to the totty,” using British slang for an attractive woman.
Last week the opposition Labour Party suspended one of its lawmakers, Jared O’Mara, while it investigates allegations
that he made a series of misogynistic and homophobic comments.

Body insecurities affect us all so here Hannah and I lay ours BARE. In a way this video was almost like therapy for us saying aloud and showing the parts of ourselves that have negatively impacted us in the past.

After filming this I actually felt a lot less bothered by the ‘issues’ I had brought up. Thanks for Hannah for being up for this. She was super honest, open and fun.

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