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The Original Fleshlight Freaks DRAC
Die Fleshlight Freaks entführen dich in mystische Welten. Sie werden auch dir gefallen und dir überirdische Freude bereiten… Das patentierte Superskin Material fühlt sich an wie echt, ist einfach zu reinigen und absolut ungiftig. Hast du Lust auf einen Aus-Flug mit Drakula? Lass dich von dem gefluegelten Eingang entfuehren. Im Inneren ist die exklusive “Blood Lust” Textur.Hergestellt nach höchsten irdischen Masstaeben und in feinster Detailarbeit. Das weiche Reel Feel Superskin Material ist hautfreundlich und fühlt sich erstaunlich “gefühlsecht” an. Berühr ihn und du denkst, du fasst auf die warme, weiche Haut eines …?

My review:

An unboxing and review of the Lady Lager Fleshlight.

Eric Reid is Rick Steady; attractive, athletic, 20-something with good hair. Rick has a problem… His girlfriend Marie is on vacation for 3 months, Rick has been lonely… His Fleshlight becomes…

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You say I suck at the game
That the guns I use are lame
But you can’t hurt my feelings
I’ve got a wife I’ve got a job I’ve got two kids I’m not a slob I think of that when I’m dealing With all the shit you like to say about the way I like to play I think that you should get out more If your mom gave you a hug would you still be a Youtube thug or would you get a life

Battlefield Troll What makes your world go round Such an asshole…. bringing other people down

Well you say I’m playing noobs
But you’ve never seen real boobs
And you just sit in your basement
If you use no punctuation I can’t read the situation As if I care what you meant You spend your day on 4chan surfing For tentacle porn and derping And yet you’re making fun… Of a guy who’s made real love To a girl and not a glove and not a doll or a fleshlight……

Battlefield Troll What makes your world go round Such an asshole…. bringing other people down

And I like to think I’m impervious to bullshit But you test me… I wonder if you’re old enough to pass a 4th grade math test The developers of this game we like to play are not freaking morons They are in it to make money.. if you were right… they’d hire you… I’m sure

Well the bottom line is I don’t care about what you think about my hair Or anything for that matter I started making videos to amuse some people that I know And share my love for this game… I will play the way I want to play and say the things I want to say Come on it’s just my opinion The Internet is full of clowns and asshats that I’d like to drown But in the end I still love you.

Battlefield Troll What makes your world go round Such an asshole…. bringing other people down

Battlefield Trolls feel free to show some class Such an asshole – OK just kiss my ass

Watch to learn how to use the newest Fleshlight accessory. Designed to warm your SuperSkin™ sleeve to a comfortable temperature…making it even better than the real thing.