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I haven’t seen this reference in a while
I had no idea gossip was so old πŸ™‚
Literally just finished the “Warwick episode”. Saw this fact earlier. Good show
I misread as helicopter penis.

I agree either way.
I think you’ll find that people dressing up as clowns when it’s not Halloween are often actually clowns. It’s their thing. Check to see if a circus is in town…just in case.
I’m kinda no longer interested in batman movies anymore. So much changing. kinda like the spiderman movies but not as much. Just my thought.
Thank you…
Excetera, excetera, excetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Fleshlight probably.
Squatty stick man 2k16

Duterte deserves to suffer for his actions and his followers do too. Shame about the sane Filipinos that are trapped with those monsters.
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That the Obama regime is adding canine hormones to the public water supply to make the American public mindlessly obedient.
I don’t understand why Reddit circlejerks over this. As if having experience with something invalidates your opinion? I think if the topic was relevant, prefacing your statement with your experience is absolutely valid. It’s like talking about war and having someone start their opinion with “as a veteran…” Obviously veterans know more about the military life than a non-vet, and a mother (usually) knows more about the troubles of raising a child than a non-mother. How is this hard to understand?!
Facebook is also a password management system, a gaming platform, an advertising platform. They own oculus, and are likely going to continue diversifying..
Not Movie.
Yeah I honestly wish I didnt have a facebook account because I hate knowing where and when my friends are going out.
Oh God.
glad you are alive OP, keep jackin

so the machine shocks you when the BPM is too high, what if its too low?
Don’t sweat it, dude! I can tell you the result right now: we lose.
I beleive we have this too in canada but its pretty shit because old people still drive like shit.
Spicy beans are wonderful….
Thanks Obama.
I love them too. I love the music, and I love the simplicity of it. They gave us all joy, and I gave them money. If I think back on the interaction, I get to enjoy it again.

Ah. Where I live texting is illegal but not talking.
Yeah…I feel like the entire series does, but most are just overlooked because of how cool the overall universe is.
a one-click way of paying speeding tickets and parking fines through google wallet
House Centipedes: “Uncle Aaagh! WTF KILL IT KILL IT!”
Competitive, I like to win and be good at a game. Casual is just eh and hardcore is a grey area. If you mean that you get into a lot of lesser known games then I am 100% hardcore and chances are that you can’t name a game that I haven’t played that was made in the last 10 years. I’m talking about stuff that you can’t even find a copy of it to pirate on the huge torrential sites. Yet still good enough for steam.

Edit: and the funny bit is that I have never played most mainstream games like zelda, mario, and sonic.
We’ve got a rebel!
So much wasted Power
GoT intro here
The soundtrack to Tron: Legacy. Daft Punk blows my mind with that shit when I’m high.
Meet the Spartans had one good line: “submission….come, walk with me to the pot of death.” That alone gives it 1/10
Yes, the legislation would not allow foreigners to sue the US in US court.

Obviously US law has no bearing on whether or not a foreign country sues the US.
Sometimes I would jokingly respond to see you later with “not if I see you first”. Someone said that was creepy so I never said it again.
Eat my ass
Armed robbery yes, but pick pockets avoid confrontation and are usually blocks away when they check the items they stole.
The BM
After I finish I would be happy to pass it along if you want!
Let’s all thank Zootopia for revolutionizing the way anthropomorphic animals wear headphones
mmm Rappin 2 U is great
There’s been a lot of good doom metal albums this year, more than I could list. Actually, just a lot of good metal on all sorts of fronts. On the underground rock and hardcore side, I’d say Prince Daddy and The Hyena’s I Thought You Didn’t Even Like Leaving is going to be the start of something big.
Can you take me to wiIzard world
It’s in sm4 not 3
I remember an older game that was on the original xbox called first to fight. The tutorial narrator reminds you that your a.i squad mates are way smarter than you.
This needs to be a “fleshlight”, if you know what I mean.
Perhaps you refrain
from post with that username
without Mary Jane?

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This video is the best fleshlight on the market!

Sorry about the shitty video quality, this is how it looked when I got it.

This video is a poop of the Cartoon Network short, City E-Scape.

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Still sniping all the way from Utah. Dunkpan can never escape me.
Juan deag running away from his popularity
Juan Deeg looking “Danky” in his tie-dye.
Reunited and it feels so Mormon
Dunkpan refusing to share his pudding
A “Danky” meme.
Dankchan gazing longly at Master LeNox’s pudding
So lucky to sit next to Senpai in English
Dunkpan Leaving Me Again…
Reunited and It Feels So Dank
Dunkpan walking with his crew
Dunkpan getting his stolen pen back
Planning to turn a tray into a fleshlight
Duncan noticing me from the balcony
Try to find Duncan and his girlfriend
Danky and his grilfriend holding hands
Sitting all lonely like
Clutching a tray of big daddy’s massive satisfaction.
Hunky Dunky

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