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The Road to Hollywood is a 1947 American film released by Astor Pictures that is a combination of several of Bing Crosby’s Educational Pictures short subjects. The title was designed to exploit the “Road to…” film series starring Crosby, Hope, and Lamour, and released by Paramount Pictures.


Exploitation film-maker Bud Pollard appears on screen to tell us of Bing Crosby’s rise to fame, using scenes from four early Crosby shorts to illustrate his fictional biography:

“I Surrender Dear” (1934)
“One More Chance” (1931)
“Billboard Girl” (1932)
“Dream House” (1933)


Bing Crosby as Himself (archive footage)
Luis Alberni as The Marquis, from I Surrender Dear (archive footage)
Bud Pollard as Himself (Host / Narrator)
Ann Christy as Betty Brooks, from Dream House (archive footage)
Patsy O’Leary as Ethel Bangs, from One More Chance / Mrs. McCullough, from I Surrender Dear (archive footage)
George C. Pearce as Mary’s Father, from Billboard Girl (archive footage)
Arthur Stone as Ethel’s Uncle Joe, from One More Chance / Jerry, Bing’s friend from I Surrender Dear (archive footage)
Dick Stewart as Jerry, Bing’s Chum from Billboard Girl (archive footage)
Lincoln Stedman as Whitman, Mary’s Fiancé, from Billboard Girl (archive footage)
Kathrin Clare Ward as Mother Brooks, from Dream House (archive footage)
James Eagles as Mary’s Brother, from Billboard Girl (archive footage)
Matty Kemp as Percy Howard, Bing’s Rival, from One More Chance (archive footage)
Eddie Phillips as Reginald Duncan, from Dream House (archive footage)
Marion Sayers as Peggy, Bing’s Sweetheart, from I Surrender Dear (archive footage)
Julia Griffith as Ethel’s Mother, Bing’s Future Mother-in-Law, from I Surrender Dear (archive footage)
George Gray as George Dobbs, from I Surrender Dear (archive footage)
Vernon Dent as A Film Director, from Dream House (archive footage)
Alice Adair as Ethel Dobbs, from I Surrender Dear (archive footage)
Marjorie Kane as Mary Malone, from Billboard Girl (archive footage)

Directed by Bud Pollard, Del Lord, Leslie Pearce, Mack Sennett
Produced by Bud Pollard (producer)
Robert M. Savini (executive producer)
Written by John E. Gordon (adaptation), Harry McCoy (material), Earle Rodney (material), John A. Waldron (material)
Cinematography Charles P. Boyle, Frank B. Good, George Unholz
Edited by Bud Pollard
Distributed by Astor Pictures
Release dates 1947
Running time 56 minutes
Country United States
Language English

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