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Sinful Symphonies that play
Sound so pretty far away
For a pen that holds an ink-full
To a poet can be sinful

Lest we make this sinning simple
Lets confess the buttocks dimple
In the battle of the sexes
Me versus Alexis Texas.

Any Genius with an ear
Or an eye for the severe
Sinfully will say it clear
‘That’s the fight of your career’.

Saints and sinners keep your distance
Thank your stars for your existence
I’m conducting with my pencil
Symphony of all the sinful.

Carlos Ornelas

Aaron Alexis time in the Navy appears to have been routine. But as word spread Monday that Alexis is suspected of gunning down a dozen people at the Washington Navy Yard here, Navy officials who asked not to be identified said the 34-year-old veteran had a pattern of misconduct.

That pattern appears to have contributed to two prior shooting incidents in Seattle and Fort Worth — seemingly minor incidents that damaged a car and an apartment but resulted in no injuries. What may have caused Alexis to go on a deadly shooting spree Monday morning remained a mystery to FBI and Navy officials, as well as acquaintances of the quiet man who split his time in recent years between Texas, New York and Washington State.

BallIsLIfe All-American Game, Dunk Contest, Guests, and entertainment was ON POINT! Basically watch the video and look below who was here to get an idea on how it went…

Team Future (BLACK):
Miles Bridges – Michigan St
Rawle Alkins – Arizona
Lonzo Ball – UCLA
Sam Cunclifee – Arizona St
Troy Baxter – South Florida
Yoeli Childs – BYU
Charlie Moore – Undecided
Kew Parker – Tennessee
TJ Leaf – UCLA
Duwan Huell – Miami

Team Elite (WHITE)
Mustapha Heron – Auburn
JJ Caldwell – Texas A&M
Vance Jackson – UConn
Terrance Ferguson – Arizona
James Banks – Texas
Andrew Jones – Texas
Cassius Winston – Michigan St
Marques Bolden – Undecided
Ike Anigbogu – UCLA
Mitch Lightfoot – Kansas

Also In Attendance:
Ronny Turiaf
Alexis Morgan
Shareef * Shaqir O’neal
Stanley Johnson
Ball Brothers & Family
Etop Udoma
Myree Bowden
Mamadou Ndiaye
Beat: WOES
Produced By SonicBoomBeats
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All Edits by Marcel Chappell (@ChappellShow96)

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ARLINGTON, TEXAS — An 18-year-old cheerleader has died after a distracted driver crashed into her car in Arlington, Texas.

NBC DFW reports that Alexis Butler was backing out of a friend’s driveway on November 10 when a pickup truck smashed into the passenger side of her Toyota Camry.

The impact pushed the car onto a nearby grassy area and injured Butler, who died in the hospital a week later. The pickup hit a fence and a light pole, but the driver was not injured.

He admitted he was looking down at the time of the crash, and was doing a breathalyzer test on a court-ordered ignition interlock device.

The anti-DWI device measures drivers’ Blood-Alcohol Concentration, and only allows a vehicle to start if they pass the test.

Drivers do need to do retests at periodic times throughout the ride, but while everyone else pulls over, the 31-year-old oddly chose to do it while his car was still moving.

Police say the man wasn’t intoxicated during the crash, and has yet to be charged with anything.


Alexis Texas and Blac Chyna

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12-year-old Alexis Bortell is challegning the U.S. Controlled Substance Act by suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Bortell suffers from a severe form of epilepsy and the only thing that helps treat her symptoms is cannabis. She and her family had to leave their home in Texas to move to Colorado where it was legal to purchase medical marijuana.

A 12-year-old girl is spearheading a campaign to legalize medical marijuana across the whole country. Alexis Bortell said she and her family had no choice but to move from their Texas home to Colorado to treat her severe epilepsy. Now, her family and a handful of others are suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the DEA. Barry Petersen reports.

Off the bootleg “Snuffy´s Revenge” in 1974 which contains rehearsals, studio jams and live recordings from the Starwood Club, LA 1974.
This is the instrumental version of a song originally appeared on their 1st album in 1973.

W.G. Snuffy Walden – guitars
Al Roberts – bass
Les Sampson – drums

Drummer Randy Reeder, bassist Alan Roberts, and lead guitarist Snuffy Walden started their musical partnership as members of the Texas-based blues-rock band Aphrodite. Formed in 1968, the trio spent five years touring extensively throughout the mid-west without much success. Their big break came in 1973 when Greg Lake (or Lake’s manager Neville Chesters) spotted them playing in a Denver, Colorado club. Lake (or his manager) offered the band a recording deal with ELP’s newly formed Manticore label. The deal included the provision the band immediately fly to the UK. Roberts and Walden readily signed on leaving Reeder behind – he reappeared as a member of the band Bloodrock and Alexis. In the UK the quickly auditioned for a new drummer, hiring former Road member Leslie Sampson and opting to change their name to Stray Dog.

1974 saw the addition of Walden’s long time friend Tim Dulaine who was with the Texas rockers Buckwheat Honey who added lead vocals and guitars with writing six songs for the band’s new album, ”While You’re Down There” and also added session keyboardist Luis Cabaza. The album was recorded in L.A. at the Record Plant with Austin Godsey producing. With the personel changes and Snuffy Walden taking a back seat to Dulaine the result was more of a “commercial” sounding hard rock and the catchy hooks.

line up 1 (1968-73) (as Aphrodite):
– Randy Reeder — drums, percussion
– Alan Roberts — vocals, bass
– William Garrett ‘Snuffy’ Walden — vocals, lead guitar

line up 2 (1973-74) (as Stray Dog):
– Alan Roberts — vocals, bass
– Leslie Sampson — drums, percussion
– William Garrett ‘Snuffy’ Walden — vocals, lead guitar
*John Bundrick (‘Rabbit’) – Organ, Piano
*Mel Collins – Flute

line up 3 (1974):

– Luis Cabaza — keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
– Timmy Dulaine (aka Tim Harrison) — vocals, guitar
– Alan Roberts — bass, backing vocals
– Leslie Sampson — drums, percussion
– William Garrett ‘Snuffy’ Walden — lead guitar, backing vocals