Vagina Joke about Vagina Taste and Vagina Smell! – Stand Up Comedy

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If your vagina taste like tuna, something is wrong…at least Lynda Montgomery sure thinks so. Vagina’s are beautiful things that should not have a fishy vagina smell, if you encounter a vagina smell of fish, you may want to try out the gynecologist, so they can make your pussy taste better, and is more appetizing to go down on. As much as I do love Tuna, the taste and smell does not belong on vagina. The average vagina smell should make someone want to be around it, instead of run away from it. Well I’m having too much fun with this vagina joke, so I’ll quit with the vagina joke. This is definitely not Christian comedy, because not many Christians would understand what vagina taste like…unless you are married. Lynda Montgomery does give some Christian comedy that may give one some insight into why vagina may taste fishy in some circumstances. For more on pussy taste, Christian comedy, comedy about Christians, why pussy smells like that, or any comedy in general, subscribing to StandUpBits! Would be in your best interest.


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