Sofia The First – The Floating Palace – Joining Together ft Ariel

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Princess Ariel has come to rescue Sofia and help her save her friends and family in the sweet song! For more fun and games from all of your favourite shows, …

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Madison Buscus says:

Am I the only one waiting for Anna and Elsa to appear….in some time next
year… lol

angelbrownie1 says:

is that really Ariel’s voice? cos it sounds alike :O

TheHarabeli100 says:

Sofia has met many Disney princesses. She’s so lucky! But I think that
their songs don’t help just Sofia. They help us too!

BlueEyedFloozy says:

so I am embarassed I put this show on to entertain my daughter (this
episode and another one) while I got laundry done, got completely sucked in
and this part made me SO happy haha. 

MusicalGeorgieee says:

Is it bad that I’m 20 and I enjoyed this? It was so cute :3

LottaKissu says:

I feel like a good 95% of the people that disliked has not even seen the
show. They’re probably apart of that protest group on her being the first
Mexican Disney princess. What they don’t understand is that this show is
genius. It educates not in math and reading but in real life issues. The
beginnings of childhood. How to be a genuine wholesome person even if it
means you don’t always get what you want. I’m not going to lie, when I
first saw the previews for this show, I thought it was going to be
horrible. I watched it with the kids I babysit and literally had a change
in heart. I almost feel like tearing up at the end of every episode. It’s
something wonderful even for an adult like me. VERY well done and it’s
something I wish was apart of my childhood. Sofia is a inspiration not only
to girls but boys too. I honestly get more excited to watch this than the
kids do now lol. I love the show and I hope it runs for a long time :)

Danny:3 says:

Jodi benson’s voice has barely age’d 😛 but it could be that they tuned it
to sound like it usually does but it’s really amazing hearing it sound the
same :P

LarissaBrainer0334 says:

seriously ariel in sofia the first what has my life come to 

Kristy Chua says:

How do mermaids drink underwater lol

TheRealRarity says:

We dont need your help Ariel because how many people are really a mermaid

Ariel Foceri says:

Yayyy been waiting for her to appear onn the show!!!! Now i can move on
with my life lolol

Sunset Shimmer says:

so sofia friends with the princesses O3O

Jamestopboy says:

Ok, it’s official: Jodi Benson rules!

David Miller says:

Ariel’s voices sounds weird check out my channel

TheKiss says:

Wow, Jodi Benson. She can make the most cliched lyrics sound like a
masterpiece. Way to commit to your role :-)

Stream Secret says:

when ariel took her hands off sofia, it looked like re-used animation from
when cinderellla took her hands off

MimiYuzui says:

I am SO HAPPY that they got THE Jodi Benson to voice Ariel in this episode.
A few of the other princess voices in this series are new because they
couldn’t get the original voice actress for one reason or another….

supersqueak says:

Oh no it sounds like Jodi’s voice might be starting to go. She sounds a bit
too cutesy here like it doesn’t come naturally anymore. Time passing sucks.

Daniel Tobías says:

If Pocahonas doesnt meet sofia -.- i will burn disney junior studios -.-

Imani Spence says:

I love this song! I’m eleven and can’t get this song out of my head.
Does anyone here remember the old playhouse disney!If so please reply.Those
were the good old days lol!

spafan WDW says:

why so many dislikes?

Matteso586 says:

How does Sofia know who the Disney princesses are and what they look like?

Zee Snake says:

The pitch was increased for some reason… Their voices are higher. 

afrika brown says:

she sounds nothing like her

Caitlyn Sedlisky says:

I love Sofia The First. I’m 21 years old and am on the verge of obsessed
with this show! there’s something so loveable about Sofia. I LOVE how they
incorporate the Disney Princesses in with episodes/movies. At first I was
like omg dont ruin my favorite princess movies but I was proven wrong!
Please keep making new Sofia episodes!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Sleeping Beauty could
be in a upcoming episode?????

Elizabeth Korwan says:

i hope she gets to meet mulan next 

yourmomxxpp2 says:

Why so many thumbs down??

Maria Alexandra Nevarez Q. says:

No. Entiendo. Nada. No. Soy. Gringo

angel nasuha says:

Ariel is ariana grande

Heather Hamann says:

+Vinyl Scratch (AKA) DJ Pon-3 Sofia The First – The Floating Palace –
Joining Together ft Ariel

FriendshipandPonies says:

wait…why is Ariel a mermaid still?

iamSmexx says:

she still sounds like Ariel~

Maggie Acquaro says:

didnt ariel become a human permantly?

TheFabstanistaGurl says:

Um y disney princess in Sofia the first?!

AGSockMonkey says:

Is it Jodi singing it or someone else becuase im really convinced its the
voice of ariel. . .

cree-anne nateweyes says:
Harleen Sekhon says:


Natassia Hodges says:

This has nothing to do w/ her prob

Roxana Santos says:

Aliyah Butler says:

joining together is the key

Crisanta Aguilar says:

I love you .

MrsSweetie Simmer says:

Ariel BABE!!!!

Amberlyn Acosta says:

I love the song

Zara Harrison says:

I’m watching this cos i work in a video store and I believe in being
informed. +1 if you believe me

sofitssofi says:

HURRAY FOR ALL SOFIAS *points at self* >w<

Max Tull says:

And especially knowing that that actress who voices Sofia is also named
Ariel. :)

Ryan saisor says:

ive seen this show and im serious about ariel.Ariel meets me and her
friends.Noone else.

Mariluz Aroche says:

Me too I don’t have that show in the computer and I wanted to watch it now
I could move on:)

Rosie Stevens says:

That was very responsible of Ariel….swimming off at the end and leaving a
little girl alone in possible shark infested waters……..

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