Barbie Bathroom ★ Frozen Elsa and Ariel Bad Dinner Food in the Bathroom Toliet DisneyCarToys

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DisneyCarToys Barbie Bathroom with Frozen Queen Elsa and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Barbie has the princess dolls over for dinner but makes terrible food. Ariel takes Disney Frozen Elsa’s…

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DisneyCarToys says:

Ariel puts Barbie’s bad cooking in the toilet! 

Natalie Ng says:

whats beauty school

jeffmara says:

Great Ending! “pun intended”

Christina Jayarajah says:

I saw the plumbers butt

Monique Ramirez says:

There were more than just hot dog buns ha ha

TheProArchers says:

How come Elsa is wearing Anna’s dress

Kelly Ortiz says:

Ok does anybody know that there’s a boy his butt is sticking out

Denizcan Ozdemir says:

Oh my goodness Elsa looks gorgeous in Anna’s dress

P Cook says:

Good thing I don’t like hotdogs! 

My little pony lover !!! says:

The plumer showed his butt >:- P

rajahvids says:

4:47 butt. Lol

Roxy Love Gardenia Rose says:

At 4:50, the plumber’s bottom is showing. 


me encanto el video me lo vi un millon de veces

Nadhrah Nafisah says:

You are awesome

andrea hernandez says:

I love your videos so much 

Ashley Tiaseu says:

If I was there I would have the same reaction as Ariel

Andrea Beltran says:

I love the video it’s hilarious!!! lol Barbie can buy a another toilet btw
have you umm worked out the stuff I told you in the Arendell Idol video?

bjaganshi says:

Why is elsa wearing onna s dress


I’m 10 and I LOVE your videos because they r all hysterical!
Well that’s what I think

Melissa Brink says:

You could see the plummers butt haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!:)

TheThreeMusketeers says:

I am 11 and I watch your videos every single day I’m never bored of
watching playdoh with you I got have of your stuff cause you showed us how
fun it is ‘ I love your ideas so much <3 

Mia Velazquez says:


Heather Anne Song says:

How come the sausage is yellow

george tesaluna says:

I love Ariel Ann Barbie is so rude 

Shiloh Margaret Telebrico says:

And 127 view

Kirsten Wood says:

It’s my birthday today

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